honestly i agree with @HoodHealer when she talks about having depression is actually lack of discipline. its a lack of discipline in nutrition, physical activity, self love, and self victimization. yes depression is caused cause of trauma no one is saying its your fault but..
when you’re intuned with yourself you will be more intuned with your body, mind, and spirit allowing you to over come that depressed state in your life. you are not your emotions
it kills me that people assume that i don’t understand how depression works. i’ve been dealing with mental heath all my life, having it passed down through generational traumas and through my ancestry being a women of colour.
I’ve dealt with depression & i am still over coming it. It took me three years to get myself out of that mental space. Trust me when i tell you it will get easier once you realize your negative thought patterns and the circumference of your awareness. Just take one day at a time
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