Suicide Squad is created by:
Amanda Waller ( @jfostrander, Len Wein ( @mcvalada), John Byrne, 1986)
Rick Flag (Robert Kaningher, Ross Andru, 1959)
Savant ( @gailsimone, Ed Benes, 2003)
Javelin (Len Wein, @davegibbons90, 1984)
Harley Quinn ( @Paul_Dini, Bruce Timm, 1992)
Polka Dot Man (Sheldon Moldoff, 1962)
Ratcatcher 2 (Original: Alan Grant, John Wagner, Norm Breyfogle, 1988)
Bloodsport (John Byrne, @KarlKesel, 1987)
King Shark (Karl Kesel, @tomgrummett, 1994)
Mongal ( @peterjtomasi, Scot Eaton, 2006)
Thinker (Gardner Fox, EE Hibbard, 1943)
Solsoria (New character?)
Blackguard ( @thedanjurgens, 1986)
TDK (New character?)
Weasel ( @gerryconway, @RafaelKayanan, 1985)
Captain Boomerang (John Broome, Carmine Infantino, 1960)
Peacemaker (Joe Gill, Pat Boyette, 1966)
One 1940s
One 1950s
Three 1960s
Zero 1970s
Six 1980s
Two 1990s
Two 2000s
Zero 2010s
Two 2020s (apparently)

Two Byrne
Two Kesel
Two Wein
One each for everyone else
If Solsoria is Duchess/Lashina then she was created by Jack Kirby in 1972. This would be the sole '70s character on the team.
If TDK is Arm-Fall-Off-Boy then he was created by Curt Swan and someone who we won't name, in 1989. (Hope this unnamed person isn't getting any money.)
What's really confusing is that Wikipedia and all the fan sites claim Rick Flag was created in the 40s, in the Golden Age. That was Rick Flag Sr though. Isn't the son an Ostrander/McDonnell invention?
Also interesting to note that the Thinker was just a Flash TV Big Bad for an entire season, spanning three different actors. This interpretation of the character appears very different.
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