Hey, I really love this solidarity & oppression =/= competition but I also want to use this to clarify something:

I don't like this "learn from others" rhetoric when people haven't been paying attention to Wisconsin. Madison & Milwaukee have been brutalized since day 1. https://twitter.com/dontatmefascist/status/1297768036078780417
We've been out here every single day, creating community and care + feeding & sheltering each other since the week of George Floyd's murder.

Wisconsin has needed your support since May 30th.

The second-best time to give it is now.

Here are some Wisconsin-related links:
Kenosha bail fund info (supported by a Milwaukee bail fund, for which this also qualifies): https://twitter.com/traceyecorder/status/1297985299885121536
Madison bail fund info (may be relevant this evening after Madison community response): https://twitter.com/FreeThe350/status/1285632190932553729
Non-Kenoshan Wisconsin mobilizers/digital advocates/journalists for whom I can personally vouch (not an exhaustive list, just ones I know are cool with being boosted):

@ myself (MAD)
@Mercuryal (MKE)
@notcolloquial (MAD)
@mason_muerhoff / @newslockdown (MAD)
Madison organizations doing on-the-ground affinity work (separating their @'s w/ slashes to diminish notification spam, as I'm not affiliated w/ these groups):

@/AboutFreedomInc (political advocacy & city-wide outreach)
@/LMadisonwi (downtown demos, weekly kickbacks)

@/UrbanTriage (Black autonomy group, consciousness-raising & mutual aid)
Black Umbrella Global (on Facebook, little Twitter presence: pop-up protests and civil disobedience)
Impact Demand (on Facebook, little Twitter presence: pop-up demonstrations, youth organizing)
Milwaukee organizations (again, separated with slashes to diminish spam):

@/lit_wi (Black autonomy and civic engagement)
@/blocbyblocMKE (Black autonomy and civic engagement + bail fund organizing)

(I'm not as rooted in MKE, so my list is lacking.)
This is not at all a canonizing list. I just want to give you some initial places from which you can get your information and donate your time & funds.

We've been at this. We've been fighting. We need you now if we're going to win.

Love and solidarity from Wisconsin, forever.
Btw, I'm RTing the original post of this thread NOT to bludgeon people for their irresponsibility or to continue this narrative of anti-solidarity. I'm RTing the original post of this thread to boost the content with full context. Thanks for understanding.
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