I couldn't resist myself sharing this tweet, as I just realised how we people are being fooled everywhere. Few weeks back wikipedia caught my attention, it said, we urge you to contribute money, we run only on charity. Last line was enough to make me emotional, it said, 90% ppl
Ignore our plea. The moment I read this line, I immediately made donation to @Wikipedia. Few days later, few pictures I found on qoura.
Pic I is Delhi riots, where it mentioned about Hindu Mobs, but in Pic II wiki has failed to mention about Muslim Mobs in Begalore riots.
Pic I, Bajjrang Dal is militant organization. Pic II, lashkare taiyaba is Largest Islamic organization.
My one secular frnd said, anyone can edit wiki, okay I agree, but @Wikipedia if you can ask donations from us, I am sure you can keep check on your content?
PS I didn't receive any thanking msg from @Wikipedia for my donation.
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