Ok Muslim Twitter, let's talk about SHY's statement re: allegations that he approved the UAE-Israel formalized alliance through his involvement in the controversial UAE Peace Forum. It's an interesting statement, being misread by many people who are responding to/sharing it.
SHY doesn't condemn the formal recognition of normalized relations. He says his allegiance is w/ the people of Palestine, but does not actually condemn the UAE’s move. What happened to the principle of commanding the good, forbidding the evil? /2
He says he does not endorse or engage in geopolitical strategies or treaties - but he is aligned with two grossly oppressive governments in an official capacity: US & UAE. In addition to other things, both have been a part of a coalition that has helped destroy Yemen. /3
Millions of young Muslim children are starving. Is not silence complicity? Especially when you are a part of a forum promoting “peace”. If anything, this instance proves how this forum is meant to be both PR for the UAE government’s actions and justification for them. /4
SHY condemns people “on the internet” for spreading lies about his position while completely bypassing the reason why people read his position this way. /5
The UAE released a statement which - in addition to having the photos and names of all those on the peace forum - explicitly states that the UAE “peace” forum he is a part of *praises* the move to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE. /6
In fact, the part of the statement that concerns us translates to the following:

So why is SHY condemning people, articles and ~rumors~ on the internet and not the UAE government and Bin Bayyah for attributing an alleged falsehood to him? They would be the liars, per his wording, not the people reacting to their alleged falsehoods. /8
Compare his statement to that of Aisha Al Adawiya.
While I think the decision to be a part of this forum was grossly misguided from the get go & there shouldn’t be any surprise that the UAE would use this forum for the actual purpose it was clearly founded for - I respect this position from Aisha al-Adawiya -more- (cont.) /10
than I respect the PR statement from SHY. She not only explicitly states that she is for Palestinian liberation from Israeli occupation - vs HY’s ‘stand with the oppressed of Palestine’ - but that she is resigning because her trust and values were breached. /11
We can debate whatever, but this is relatively a more principled position to take than simply accuse lay Muslims and journalists of being liars. /12
For the record - SHY claims no one from Middle East Eye, which published the story re: the UAE Peace Forum's praise and endorsement of the normalization of the relationship, contacted him. Someone from there made it clear they reached out to Zaytuna's press contact. /13
Anyway, the puffery around SHY will probably win again and he'll escape, as he always does, any accountability for his detrimental actions. /14
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