Subramanian Swamy is leading the student front against the @narendramodi government, He's trying hard to make it Modi Vs Student, Trying to incite students and use their emotions to get the desired result i.e. Chaos, precisely what his masters wants in India! Be careful!
First he tried to wash the crimes of his masters, Then tried to demoralise the Armed forces then went on rumour mongering, He did all this using the Viraat Sena of gullible hindus; failed everywhere so he's using the students now! IB must knock the doors
The way things have been in last few weeks, Don't be surprised if you'd see systematically designed murders and portrayed as suicide so that PM @narendramodi is anti hindu image could be portrayed. I trust the shrewdness of vulture, He can stoop at any level, I repeat any level!
A parallel movement to make gullible students understand the need of the exams and prepare them for the same, is urgently needed.

The organisations working among students must take it up and Please don't let a vulture raise a disgruntled race of students (The future of Bharat)
Corona has posed a major threat and We're trying to overcome the obstacle, Use it an opportunity to teach students this art too, Treat it as unconventional subject but prepare them for it, Our kids are brave, They'll adopt as the elders are adjusting. Please make them understand
The standard unit of liberandu gang is doing it, Do you still have doubts?

This girl herself didn't go to school When she had time and Now trying to incite students in India, CRIMINAL
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