I posted in one of my fb groups about having 15lbs of potatoes that I need suggestions to use. I got some amazing ideas, and I’m hopefully going to be able to use them all this week but a few people who were like DONATE THEM TAKE THEM TO A SOUP KITCHEN...
Which. If there was no way I could use them or I had 50 lbs I would absolutely donate them.
Today I updated the post and I was like thanks for the ideas! I’m going to try x, x, and x this week and if I still have some left I’ll reevaluate!
And this lady VERY bitchily said “please donate them to a food bank there are people who can’t afford a bag of potatoes”
So I replied, “I’m sure you mean this kindly, but I am a full time college student currently on unemployment. If there was no way I could use them I would absolutely donate but as it is I’m trying to get my 5 bucks out of this purchase to feed my family.”
And I’m still annoyed? Like I get it, people should always donate to food banks etc, but maybe don’t assume everyone has a ton to spare. I’m not in dire need, and could donate the potatoes and be fine but I’m trying not to waste.
I’m not really sure what the point to this thread is but maybe done assume just because someone is a bougie food group that they have a ton of money. Poor people like good food too
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