Inaccessible pedestrian infrastructure has real costs. This uneven sidewalk injured an older neighbour this morning, and necessitated a response from emergency workers 1/
We came upon the scene after two other pedestrians had stopped after witnessing her trip on the broken sidewalk. We didn’t see the initial fall, but we saw her faint after trying to stand. We stayed until fire and paramedic services arrived. 2/
Infrastructure built for only the most able-bodied lets us all down eventually. Infrastructure left to rot doesn’t stay accessible without investment in maintenance. And when that infrastructure fails, there are harms and costs. 3/
Cheaping out on maintenance is just going to get worse as we build new and expanded road infrastructure, keep taxes flat, and increase police spending, as @Mayor_Bowman’s four-year budget does. People will get injured, emergency response costs will rise. 4/
I’m glad we have a robust fire and paramedic response that could help this neighbour out in her time of need - but that help wouldn’t have been necessary if we paid to fix the damn sidewalks. 5/
There’s a way out, but it means putting our budget towards our human priorities. This Winnipegger wasn’t served by the budget council passed, and it will fail us all if we don’t fight for something better. 6/6
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