For the last ten years, ever since PTI came of age, no other party leader has faced as much ruthless & hostile mainstream media campaigns (most of the times based on filth & slander) as Imran has. Plus, he faced it with a grace & equanimity which has frustrated the propagandists.
From the word go, he & his supporters were not only ridiculed but they were subjected to the worst kind of media campaigns - at times participants of our rallies were termed “prostitues” & at times we were branded “bigots & extremists”
Most of the time, the abuse we faced came from known “liberals” & “progressives” - Not from the unkown & uncouth SM activists, of which every party & class has its fair share.

But Imran Khan is a fascist who leads an army of trolls while Altaf Hussain is an impassioned voice (n)
Zardari is an astute politician, Shahbaz is an excellent administrator, Maryam & Bilawal are faces of young & vibrant Pakistan.
The first three have blood on their hands & the last two nincompoops literally lead armies of abusive trolls (& thier trolls r employees of Dawn & Geo)
Just a few days ago, he sat across a bunch of loudmouthed & ill-mannered journos who said on his face “aapka girebaan pakren ge” - Still, he answered them respectfully unlike the boy-king who heads a party accused of Killing Uzair Memon
They published columns against him “Imran Khan - The man who sold Pakistan” - “Dharna Madness” & while on SM they jokingly called him “taliban apologist”, made personal remarks on him, abused his party supporters.

Hor ki reh gya ae?
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