I will try 2 express my gratitude PLZ see comments for more photos of what u have helped accomplish and the convo. Thank u so much 4 caring.i am in tears. Please visit http://ANCSanctionedGenocide.com  to help. #WhiteWellBeing #SundayMotivation @MyTurnSouthAfr1 @DaanBarnard @danroodt
Hi B,
Hope you are still well
I want to give you some feedback on the money that you have send in July. We did get some other donations also, and with everything together, we have been able to help 35 families in Ventersdorp and Lichtenburg 4 more than a month now @steve_hofmeyr
Wow, I am literally in tears. I am so glad you guys were able 2do more than I ever expected. I will push harder 2 help.I know that it’s so important.Again, thank you so much. You guys are working so hard and never cease to amaze me. B @QNNTexas @MarkACollett
More photos of families helped 🙏🏻
@JohnBWellsCTM I can not thank you and your viewers enough. They helped greatly and it gives me so much hope that I am humbled to my core. You are a good man and I thank you for your heart and humanity 🙏🏻
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