Going today to register my 3yo into a pre k PUF program where I know none of the teachers, haven’t met the classroom staff, haven’t seen the classroom, and won’t be allowed to enter the building /thread.
She will be dropped off outside on day 1 to people she has never met whose faces will be covered with masks. She has spent less then 10 minutes total inside this building and has never seen anyone’s face, her classroom, or met her teacher or staff.
Last year when I took her to preschool once a week we had a tour prior, and I stayed with her for an hour the first few weeks. Even then it took a long time for her to warm up and feel comfortable.
She will receive 60 percent less funding for this PUF year then my son did in his first year of PUF in 2018. We have no idea how much SLP and OT time she will get, when her IPP will be completed, or any information about the program really.
And let me be clear...it was HARD to get this spot. I had to call around and beg a plead for an assessment. I had to go above and beyond what should be expected of a parent in my situation. While she sits on the wait list (over a year) for a Dx, she has waited since 18m for help.
So why on earth am I sending her? It’s simple. She needs the help & these are important early intervention years that you cannot get back. Some families have no choice and it has nothing to do with being *able* to stay home because I can. Without attending school she gets 0 help.
PUF kids and parents were failed this year. It was an absolute mess. AHS assessments were cut, programs were shut down all over Alberta. Parents were left scrambling to figure out how to get their kids help. Covid complicated things beyond measure. Our govt failed our PUF kids.
So off I go to take advantage of the bare minimum they can offer her. I hope it helps. I truly do. I’ll be documenting everything. I’ll be watching carefully who reacts to this situation and who sides with parents who are standing up to say this isn’t good enough. Cause it’s not
Is this what you call early intervention? @AdrianaLaGrange? @jkenney @RachelNotley @shoffmanAB

You need to do way better then this.
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