Here is my thread,On the day of threads.... I hope it reaches to whom it may concern;So the ones who are listing NaazAish under Shehnaaz Biased/Inclined shippers and saying Shehnaaz biased shippers throw sid under the bus and sid biased never do that so lemme clear she has said
Many times that she is Shehnaaz stan who likes Sidnaaz. If you want to see Sana biased SHIPPERS check @Fittemuhtere @amnacasm @mitali_xoxo @DilDiyaGallan @AyushiBS2 @thatbadbishh_ accounts! Have they ever went against sid ? And if you really wanna count Solos who like Sidnaaz
bond then There are many sidhearts who like sidnaaz,I don’t want to mention their names and they have said wrong things about Shehnaaz even her dad and baaz. But at that time many of you kept silent and some defended them even. So if you want to count Shehnaazians who like
Sidnaaz in shehnaaz biased/inclined shippers then count them too in In sid biased and justify that they have never said anything against Shehnaaz! SHIPPERS AND SOLOS WHO LIKE THE BOND ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT !!! Also sweeties pls hype and show love to Shehnaazians who have soft
Spot for sidnaaz (jeejz lovers)like you do to bhabi lovers💗Thankyou for precious time 💗( not only these there are many shehnaaz biased shippers I didn’t mention who never went against sid or said anything wrong regarding him)
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