mentally I'm here.
mentally I'm here all the time.
mentally I'm here everytime I think of food and @Awwdhikaar
mentally I'm here and it's october around diwali and I'm having coffee and finger chips while looking for network in my phone.
mentally I'm at Jawahar Tikki all the time yaar
mentally I'm having hazelnut coffee here with veg momos while I window shop some chappals from the dukaan next to it, wby
mentally I'm attending the prestigious old world collegiate theatre festival here and waiting for the interval so I grab lemon tart from eatopia.
mentally I'm here asking for some extra papad and kata pyaaz with my rajma chawal ffs don't disturb me
mentally I'm attending this year's mayday at mayday bookstore and taking smoke breaks standing next to safdar studio's walls bragging about all the photobooks I got for 25 rupees. ofc mentally it's May 1. shhh, let me listen to Sanjay Rajoura thanks.
mentally Raju Da's tea stall still exists and I'm having chai with bun maska waiting for this person with me to ask me if I want mishti doi from Kamala Sweets and if they could kiss me after that.
mentally I'm at this stall outside Miranda House, getting myself a chhola kulcha role with extra gaajar ka achaar in it. bhaiyya ji is insisting I eat a plate instead but I'm in a hurry, my mother's calling me home so a roll would be better.
mentally I'm arguing with an auto waale bhaiyya jinka "meter kharaab hai" and I'm continuously telling him, "aap sabke meter kharaab sawaari dekhte hi kaise hojaate hain?"
mentally I'm waiting to get a table here so I can have some sabudana khichdi with iced tea. meanwhile I'm going to explore the art gallery.
mentally I'm at St. Stephen's auditorium cheering for my theatre society at an intercollegiate competition while doing nain mattakka with a curly haired boy from Stephen's.
mentally I'm at my 5th bhatura and my pyaaz is over but my petu has all the space in the world for some lassi.
mentally I am still too broke to enter here.
mentally I'm spotting couples unintentionally and feeling sad and lonely. but hey atleast I have khushnuma mausam and dilli ki sard hawa with me.
mentally I'm waiting for my mother to buy me some books who's currently being lured into buying a massager, aloo masher, onion cutter, roti maker and she's going to buy them all.
mentally I'm having 120 rupayye ke momos which come with ~ clear soup ~
mentally I've just ordered myself a pineapple milkshake AND A STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE because why not.
mentally I'm inside Palika looking for 100 rupayye ke sunglasses while 10 men ask me "madam tattoo karaoge?"
mentally I've already spent 3 hours at Hari Piorko's basement buying chaipatti, ittar, windchimes, earrings, bags, bedcovers, cushion covers for this diwali.
mentally I'm still not over Regal shutting down.
mentally I'm having a blast laughing as I watch a satire on today's Indian politics at Akshara which will be followed by chai from outside ram manohar lohia, still 'willingdon'for my nani.
mentally I'm having sasta af quality food here and I plan to check out new stuff at atulyakala's stall after that.
mentally I'm at the third floor of national gallery of modern art trying to recreate ~ kiss me between the paintings ~ but guard uncle jo beizzati karenge uske liye I'm never mentally ready
mentally I'm being photobombed by a stranger as i take my 75th selfie in the underground metro's window on my way to civil lines.
mentally, I'm at charkha museum's roof, watching over dilli's shorrgull, traffic, people in love, people fighting on the road, all the classes - some too privileged to see anything, some too miserable to see anything. I'm watching over my city which has made me think, and love.
mentally I'm having this chai which apparently has ~ opium ~ which makes one addicted to it and that's how Sudama's business is on fire. ab inhein kaun bataye that opium is the warm gush in your heart that makes you have a hearty time as the sun comes down at north campus.
I'm mentally here and kisi bhi lawaris vastu ko naa chhuein, usmein bomb ho sakta hai.
I'm mentally at district centre, eating gola and spring rolls after wasting an hour at archies.
I'm mentally here, getting my mobile's screen replaced for cheaper while my mother keeps on insisting we visit kalkaji and bhairon mandir so that my screen doesn't break the next time.
I'm mentally here and not at all tempted to visit CCD which by the way is right next to it.
I'm mentally eating 20 rupayye mein aloo ki sabzi and kachori.
mentally I'm chilling at lal quila with my mother after we shopped from meena bazaar singing 'dilli sheher ka saara meena bazaar leke' for the 58th time.
mentally I'm at this platform at 19:11 with the entire sky in front of me and the announcement in the background.
mentally I'm in a 'battery rickshaw' dreading the trauma every speed breaker brings to my breasts but who doesn't like a 10 rupayye sawaari ride.
I'm mentally here on a date.
mentally I'm at the best library I've ever been to in dilli, pretending to read books as my mother gets material photocopied.
mentally I'm at Miranda House's auditorium, rehearsing on a regular day as I wait for it to get dark so I wrap myself in my shawl, and take a walk from MH to Vishwavidyalaya, listening to Rekha Bhardwaj.
mentally I'm at daryaganj on a sunday and the book market still exists, and I'm buying myself journals and comics that aren't otherwise available in India.
mentally I've just ordered myself a tender coconut ice-cream and judged the person before me who ordered a chocochip because I'm stupid and got more to learn.
I'm mentally confused between all the blocks and their pandals and in the middle of calling the friend I've lost somewhere while I bumped into another one as they begin with dhunuchi.
and lastly (maybe), mentally I'm at that once in a year we get lucky Tivoli Garden wedding having tomato soup with bread crumbs in it and they have coal heaters everywhere so that sardiyon mein saree pehen'ne par bhi thand na lagey.
mentally I'm also having my 11th dhokla here.
mentally I'm crossing these buildings at bhikaji cama place flyover
mentally I'm pretending to be in gadar: ek prem katha in between all these trains while staring at the infrastructure of bhutan embassy.
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