#Shenzhen thread: 1. Why can't #US govt destroy Chinese high tech? I took these two photos at 10:30 pm at #Tencent headquarters in #Shenzhen, known as #China Silicon Valley as it's home to a number of tech firms like #DJI, #Huawei & Tencent. The office lights all on as employees
work till late night. 2. While waiting for shuttle buses & taxis to go home, some still constantly check work messages on their phones, it's non-stop. 3. 40 years ago, the location where #Tencent headquarters is located was completely deserted. Now it's the hub of high tech.
4. Why Shenzhen? Many people ask, why this city represents the future of #China? Shenzhen people proud of "Shenzhen spirit" as no matter where you come from, as long as you come to stay here, you have make efforts to grab your own opportunities. Like Tencent staff believe that..
They can earn happy life through hard work. That's how 996 working hour system is shaped. In #China, 996 means work, work and work. Not only in #Tencent, but also #Huawei, the #US crackdown actually makes those employees feel that they are not striving for their own better lives.
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