1/ A woman named Sasha White got fired from her job at The Tobias Literary Agency after some on Twitter reported her to her employer for tweets they saw as offensive. I reached out to Lane Heymont, the head of the agency, to ask what happened. He said that the problem
2/ was White didn't include disclaimer language in her Twtiter bio stating that the opinions were her own, "thus suggesting and it was perceived she was speaking on behalf of the agency and those views are not in line with our beliefs. Therefore we had to part ways." In response
3/ to me asking him to send screenshots of the tweets that caused the firing, here are the relevant tweets he included. The logic seems to be that her alt account could link people to her main account, which could cause people to think the agency holds certain views. "TW" means
4/ "trans women."

People in jobs where they can be fired need to be very, very careful about what political opinions they express. If you're in my liberal/coastal world, I'd apply The Nike Test. Unless you could see a major company like Nike tweeting the opinion you want to
5/ express, strongly consider keeping it to yourself. I know there are vast swaths of the country where you can get fired for holding liberal opinions, and that our country has terrible at-will employment laws, so I don't want to present this as one-sided: This advice only holds
6/ for my particular world and it frustrates me when people present right-wing cancel culture isn't real.

Anyway, Heymont's final email to me: "While everyone has the right to their opinion and to express those opinions, accordingly we have the right to support and promote the
7/ trans community.

Thank you and stay safe and well during these difficult times."
8/ Huh
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