Just got off the wildest call I’ve ever received for a national political campaign—this time from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. I normally hang up early, but I thought I’d see where this one went…
After we went back and forth for a bit, the woman on the line told me: “There’s a one world order trying to take over this country. … Now, they are threatening our Democrat governors to to shut down their economy so they can be an easier to take over after this election.”
But, "Trump stood up at Davos and said, 'There's no place for globalism in the United States.’ Thirty days later they unleashed the pandemic on us.”

Also, "BLM transpired because of this one world government.”
When I asked her who was behind this one world government, who were the globalists, she replied: "Soros. Bill Gates. Prince Andrew. About 10 world leaders behind this globalist movement, and more here in the United States.”
She went on to say that "We're looking at a full onslaught communist takeover. If President Trump loses, they won't have any problems.”

"Just look up ‘Davos' and ‘Switzerland.’ It's a big front. President Trump knows this.”
She concluded our call by saying, "This is not a war between politicians. This is a war between good and evil.

This good and evil could end November 3rd, one way or another. And we have to ask ourselves how we want this to end."
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