I'm tired of having the same convos about police violence. We spend way too much time refuting arguments made by conservatives that are not even done in good faith.
I want to hear from experts on trauma and public health. I want to hear from experts on organizational corruption and why policing isn't worth saving as an institution. I'm tired of the same talking points being refuted over and over again.
I want to hear from experts who can explain how police cause so much preventable trauma and feed into systems that create crime in the first place.
I'm still mad at all the non-Black people who tore #defundpolice apart. Finally we had messaging that isn't defensive to what conservatives said/did and y'all couldn't handle it.
Too much time is spent answering questions and rebuttals police apologists don't listen to.

Can we stop focusing on white supremacist talking points when we're talking about Black lives?
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