Is there anything in Plandemic 2 that remotely places any blame whatsoever on the current administration or anybody Trump directly appointed? Doesn’t anybody think that is sus as shit? I find it kinda remarkable the people stanning it (who aren't MAGAs) don’t find that odd
It’s fascinating to me that people keep getting conned over and over again by conspiracy documentaries that are textbook limited hangouts, blatantly partisan and absolve the current sitting administration of any wrong doing, like how much more obvious can this shit get?
In Plandemic 1 they talked about the US government’s horrible response to AIDS and only mentioned Fauci’s involvement in that policy. The documentary couldn’t mention Reagan because it would contradict its partisan weaponization nature, dozens of lim hangout clues like this
A lot of these Johnny come lately conspiracy people seem to be more primed for just accepting a bad conspiracy documentary as long as it’s hyped enough and then censored offline, the reverse psychology fools them into thinking they should hype it up
I’ve been researching the producers behind Plandemic 1 & 2 and they are unmistakable QAnon grifters, one of them is a very shitty coke hippy burning man DJ to boot, the question I have is this is a well produced doc, who is funding this shit? Nobody is curious??
I am also strongly against social media coordinating removals of these types of documentaries, banning them only serves to make gullible people believe there must be something legitimate there. These social media companies keep hitting the reverse psychology button over and over
since people are getting fussy about this thread I will make a promise to thoroughly review on my Youtube show every one of these recent artificially boosted sus docs like Plandemic 2, Out of Shadows and the Millie Weaver scam and whatever other horseshit you want me to review
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