1) Toward the end of 2015, I began to notice something about the endorsements all the other candidates were getting:

it wasn't hurting Trump at all.

2) Took a while but by early 2016 I figured it out.

3) They were all part of the cabal, part of the Deep State, part of DC.
4) Trump then, and Trump now, is running precisely AGAINST the cabal, against the Deep State, against the DC establishment.

5) When Demented Perv Biteme rolls out endorsements of failed Swampites like Flakey or Dent, it HELPS Trump.
6) Ordinary voters say, "I didn't like those RINOs when they were in. Why would I like them now."

7) Indies will say, "Trump must be onto something good here because the whole Swamp is against him."
8) I noticed this especially with the Rubes and Cruz campaigns. The more endorsements from Swampites they got, the worse they fared.

9) It's stunning to see that NO ONE has learned this in four years.
10) Not to compare Trump to Jesus, but it would be like Jesus for four years performing miracle after miracle, wonder after wonder, and the Pharisee DemoKKKrats & neverTrumpers go

"He's got something up his sleeve!"

(Ahem, the Man doesn't even have sleeves.)
11) @rushlimbaugh continues to be surprised & puzzled by their inability to learn the obvious.

12) I remain a little puzzled at Rush. They don't WANT to learn the obvious. In their hearts they know why Trump is succeeding and they don't care.
13) They hate you & me for his success. But folks, it has gotten far worse.

14) Because Trump's success is AMERICA'S success, the Bulwark Bullfrogs, the Flakeys, the douchenozzle dicknipple snatchscracher crowd therefore are forced to hate AMERICA.
15) They now side with Nipplepin Venthoarder, the Governor of Death; with Beetlejuice, Destroyer of the Windy City; and with fascist antifa. NONE of them have condemned any of this.

16) They now side with the China Virus HOPING for more deaths so they can lock down America.
17) There as a name for these people in the 1850s.

(No, not "assholes").

18) A group in the DemoKKKrat Party demanding an end to slavery was willing to burn down the barn to kill the rats. They were called "Barnburners."

19) If you've followed my little lessons . . .
19) contd. . . you'd know this was not only ironic but hopeless, for the DemoKKKrat Party was FOUNDED by Martin Van Buren for one reason only: to protect & preserve slavery so as to prevent a civil war.
20) The modern day "Republican" Barnburners would rather burn down America than see a peaceful, prosperous, nationalist America prosper.

They hate us "that" much.

21) So when you see these lists of bugsnugger misfit scrotumslackers, remember . . .
21) contd . . . they are a sign that WE, and TRUMP, and AMERICA are winning!!
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