It was suggested that I write about random sciency facts. (Thank you @CeciliaGlennon)

To get some practice, I'm going to start with something most people will repulse with anger and fear.


Let's start off with a little history.
Two people are credited with discovering Calculus in the late 1600s.

Isaac Newton

Gottfried Leibniz

They both fought over who discovered it first. They both accused the other of stealing their work.

(Two people discovering the same thing at almost the same time happens a lot)
Why Isaac Newton?

Everyone knows him for the laws of motion. His brain was about figuring out how the world works. He used calculus to help with that.

That's why in college, all my physics and engineering teachers told me he discovered calculus. It fit with their mindset.
Why Leibniz?

He was a artist and mathematician. If you look at most universities, a degree in mathematics comes from the school of art, not science.

His notation, symbols and structure are what we are taught today.

All my math teachers taught me he discovered calculus.
It's weird how the two different types of people discovered the same thing. It's also weird that those types of people still exist and "fight" over the same thing.

I like this idea of 2 people discovering the same thing. I'm going to look for more.
Tomorrows lesson is how calculus works. I won't do any actual math though.
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