Don't have time to write postcards? You can help win Arizona by funding the critical races. Can you chip in and get these candidates the funds they need to mobilize voters?
If you don't have time to phone bank for Colorado, how about contributing to the top races in the state? You can be sure that your money is going to candidates that can win if they get grassroots support!

You can help flip FL blue by contributing to this curated list of races. These candidates can win or lose with less than 100 votes, so ensuring they have the funds for safe voter outreach is crucial.

What's at stake in GA? 2 US senate seats! 16 electoral college votes. 2 congressional seats. Flipping the state legislature.

Can you contribute to one or more of these races? They can win with your support.
If you'd like to see IA flip blue, but don't know which races to support, check out our curated list of candidates.

We can help win back the Senate, win 3 congressional races, and flip the state legislature with your help.

You can help break the Kansas state legislature GOP supermajority by contributing to our curated list of candidates most likely to win with your help!

In GOP hands, KS has refused to expand Medicaid, which would cover 150,000 more Kansasans.

You can send Susan Collins a retirement gift, by contributing to Sara Gideon! Let's get the US Senate back and help keep Maine Blue.
Michigan is a huge swing state and the more Dems we can mobilize to vote, the more likely it is to swing those 16 critical electoral votes to Biden/Harris.

Sign up here to do postcards or texting!
Want to support Michigan, help keep a US senate seat, impact 4 congressional seats and flip the state house?

Contribute to one or all of these campaigns who have the best chance to win with your help!
In Montana, we have a huge opportunity to pick up a US Senate seat with popular Gov. Steve Bullock running.
You can make a difference by signing up to phone bank here:
Montana has a Senate seat is in a dead heat, they can elect a Dem GOV and Sec. of State and flip a seat in the House. You can contribute to one or more of these races and help ensure fair elections for years to come.
All eyes are on North Carolina this year. Trump only won by 3% in 2016, and the state has gotten more blue since then.

Sign up and let's make sure we help get out the vote for every Dem running in 2020.

If we want to flip North Carolina, we must organize and out-raise the McConnell backed group spending $21 million dollars trying desperately to keep the Senate majority.

Contributing to any of these candidates will help win NC in November.
Pennsylvania went red in 2016 by a margin of 0.7% for Trump. This year we will turn PA Blue because we are out-organizing and going all in with groups all across the nation pitching in.

You can help by signing up here:
Pennsylvania is a critical swing state for the battle of the White House & can also flip a state legislative branch.

Contribute to one or more of 20 candidates who need your help to run an effective campaign. You can make a difference!

What's at stake this year in South Carolina? Helping to flip the US Senate, 4 House seats, and only 5 seats in the SC Senate to flip it blue!

You can help all of these candidates win in November.
Is Texas really in play for Democrats in November? @BetoORourke thinks so. So do many TX democrats who are organizing to win.

You can help from anywhere in the US by signing up here for postcards and phone banks!
Texas has 38 electoral college votes. The more Dems we bring to the polls for up and down ballot races, the closer we get to flipping Texas blue.

You can help make the difference. Here are 27 candidates to donate to and make a difference!

In 2016, Trump won Wisconsin by less than 1% of the vote. Now, @Wisdems and others are organizing, phone banking, text banking to ensure a 2020 win.

All we need is 1%, but we will win by a much bigger margin with your help!
Want to see Trump lose in Wisconsin? Then support candidates up and down the ballot. We can flip the state legislature and stop GOP voter supression.

Consider contributing to one or more of these candidates who can win with your help!

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