9-11 The Blue & Red Pill of the Matrix


Before starting this thread, my view on 9-11 is that it was a highly orchestrated false flag terror event (not necessarily state sponsored) to advance many Geo-strategic goals such has but not limited to;

- Reasoning for permanent warfare

- Securing oil reserves (in an era of rising prices, rising demand & limited production & supply)

- Ensuring that oil continues to be traded on American dollars (thus inflating the value of the fiat currency)

- Constructing a "Oil & gas" pipeline from the "stans" (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan..etc) through Afghanistan &
Pakistan potentially worth trillions and competing with the Iran/India pipeline that could service china.

- More power to the state over the lives of individuals (they can now arrest us without Habeus corpus, without
warrant, spy on us, detain us indefinitely, torture us in third party countries and much more more. The average
citizen is now part of the definition of terrorist.

- Maintain America's global hegemony in an increasing multi-polar world, use force and fight multiple theaters of
war simultaneously (as per the PNAC policy papers)


- Securing the realm in a ideology & religion war (fighting Israel's enemies) unconsciously fighting a crusade
while they are fighting a jihad

Good references for my views are contained but not limited to documentaries such as
(just to name a few).....👇

- The oil factor behind the war on terror

- 911 ripple effect

-Loose Change
(10) It seems to me that on 911, everyone was given a choice similarly to Neo in the Matrix.
(11) Even at an unconscious level, everyone had to choose between the blue pill (official story) or the red pill (alternative story) which in turn affects how you perceive the world.

I've always loved that Movie.

It is infinitely more complex that it seems at first glance.
(12) 9-11 was a traumatic & psychologically shocking event for many.

Most didn't have time to reason only time to react and feel.

Afterwards most people made a conscious or unconscious choice of they believe happened and it is almost irreversible.
(13) I consider my parents to be logical & intelligent people, however they've chosen the official story pill and don't have the stomach or the will to be convinced otherwise.

Most of the masses probably behaved this way on 9-11 and shortly after....
(14) I personally took the alternative story RED pill.

I've always been fascinated by mysteries, ancient civilizations & the paranormal so I was really open minded to begin with.

I watched the events live on the day and was literally traumatized although I thought there were
(15) many odd things happening as the event was unfolding (perhaps glitches in the matrix...).

I happened to skip work that day and couldn't sleep either for some reason.

I stayed home and was watching the news that morning I thought bush looked suspicious in the classroom,
(16) I heard the BBC talk about a military helicopter crash into the pentagon and I saw dozens of black helicopter go near the roof of the towers without landing of saving anyone.

I momentarily thought that the news media were really on the ball that day with experts declaring
(17) who had committed the crime live on TV within an hour and last but not least I also thought the building "fell" in a very bizarre fashion.

These were my initial thoughts as the event was unfolding and I usually give benefit of the doubt to everyone and thought that it was
(18) really Osama bin laden.

Then I saw an interview of Osama bin laden 2 or so weeks after the vents denying involvement.

I thought, why would a America-hater, Freedom hater terrorist actually deny being the mastermind of the largest terrorist attack in history on the
(19) infidels.

Any terrorist would have been proud to die as a martyr after accepting responsibility for such a terrorizing achievement.

Then (still 2 weeks after the event) I looked online and saw that there were stock markets profits that showed advance knowledge and
(20) then started my own little investigation and found so much evidence that something was wrong that I was convinced 100% that the truth had not prevailed on that day.....


-Many intelligence agencies warned the US about an imminent attack.

-A Jewish man, contacted the FBI Washington HQ and was met by Special agents twice, 9 months prior.

-Sibel Edmond's deposition details our intimate relationship with Bin laden as a CIA-ISI asset until 9-11
Carlyle group (investors George Bush Sr. & Saleed Bin laden)

investing in American military companies.

-Stock market trades on American airlines profited almost 2.3 millions dollars in put options, unclaimed & linked to 3rd man in CIA Buzzy Krongard.

-The dancing Israelis (mossad agents) videotaped the event, on a talk show in
(23) Israel, admitted that they had come to videotape the event.

-The Lone gunmen pilot episode featured a government plot to remotely control an airliner into the twin towers to justify another war in the middle east. (months prior to 9-11)

-All the war game scenarios on the day of 9-11 featuring the actual targets NRO drill of terrorist hijacking planes into the WTC, Pentagon drill of an Missile fired into pentagon (amalgram virgo).

I'm just skimming the surface.

There is so much evidence of alternative
(25) of alternative story that any rational thinking person who puts in the effort should see it this way. Although, if you've taken the blue pill, it's different.

You think that we are lunatics, paranoid schizos, and that Osama hated freedom, end of story.
(26) By the way, seal team 6 members are all dead, Pakistan destroyed the compound where the raid took place, osama's body was dumped in international waters without witnesses and our proof that it happened is this;
(27) But then;
Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

So Obama, Never saw the body, never saw the man, FBI doesn't have evidence linking
(28) osama to 9-11.

Who is in the dreamworld now ?

Sometimes fiction is more "real" than an inconceivable reality.

On Sept 10th 2011, Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion $ were unaccounted for.

The next day, the Navy accountants tracking the money die in the pentagon crash.
(29) So did the SEC (securities & exchange commission) files on ENRON in WTC.

It's like the government had themselves a fundraiser without direct involvement in the event.

Who killed John O'neil ?

FBI Counter-terrorism specialist #1 expert in the world on Osama - Resigns from
(30) FBI due to obstruction of investigations into Al Qaeda by Bush administration over an oil deal with Taliban.

Where was his first day on his new job ?????

Please try to guess ...

Head of security for the WTC complex, his first day was Sept 11th 2011.
(31) You cannot make this stuff up.

OK i got one more...

A plane disappears, no pieces can found, the black box can't be recovered and the largest office furniture found in the wreckage is a small piece of telephone.
(32) Although, a terrorist's passport survives the crash, the fiery inferno & the collapse to be found intact by a police officer....

The solicitor general's (highest legal representative of the state) wife is aboard the plane and tells him over the phone the
(33) "main construct of the official story" Arab terrorist with box-cutters have taken over the plane.

If it feels like a Hollywood plot, it most likely is one.

Maybe (creative SPECULATION); another goal of 9-11 was to identify all the potential resistance to the NWO fascist
(34) world government agenda.

To come out in the open and to identify those who would not comply with the new religion / control / drug / reality...

We may be already drugged (GMO, Fluoride in water, chem trails, ELF, VLF, Harp)

(35) In my humble opinion, the taking of the red pill is a declaration, the signing of an oath to oneself.

An irreversible decision to be the master of ones own moment and destiny, THROUGH THE QUEST FOR, AND ACCEPTANCE OF, TRUTH.
(36) The blue pill signifies something totally different, the taker declares that they shall not be the master of their own destiny.

A simple decision to deny the truth which in turn means they are subordinate to those telling lies. THEY BECOME SLAVES AND ARE DESTINED TO

This decision, is the most important moment in anyone's life and that's an understatement.

With an open mind, 911, like any of the other massive conspiracies committed against the people in this world can be the catalyst to taking the red pill, ENLIGHTENING
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