mark tuan's best/iconic rap parts

a thread;
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poison on fire 🔥
let me our national anthem
he slapped so hard
another queen
shopping mall
i only added it bc of SHALL WE DANCE UNDER THE MOON
go higher top tier serve
follow me is another dimension
baby i like you, do you like me too?
remember me
i remember going crazy when i first heard it
to me is so good
he owned this part
this part hits even harder when he does it live
he owned thursday
every lady wants a piece of me 👀
come on deserves better
love it so much
we can't forget about lion boy
see the light 💓
it's not his part but i just couldn't leave it like that
disclaimer: thread above is just my personal opinion and taste in music, it's impossible to include everything & keep in mind i could forget about everything, this doesn't mean mark isn't a great rapper. feel free to add yours, let's share his best moments here 💓
disclaimer pt2. i do not own any of these clips, full credits to its rightful owners, i just wanted to share my personal opinion
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