"Can't afford to be late on shift
... I rely on WESTCLOX"

I'm forever gonna be bitter about how much people mocked that person who said measurement was capitalist, they were fucking right and you're all reactionaries

this could be us but you won't read my tweets about the role of timekeeping devices in disciplining workers
in 400 years someone's gonna fire off a thought to the Bezosphere like "the Bezochip monitoring the percentage of our brain devoted to work... ever think about how it's a capitalist tool" and they're gonna get mocked for months as an ultraleftist
i'm completely serious, the connected between standardised measurement, wage labour, and capitalism is well-established, especially w/r/t timekeeping https://twitter.com/AsFarce/status/1247777815870631936
like, you can't turn back the clock on clocks, we have to deal with the world as it is, but in an ideal society I wouldn't worry too much about exactly what time it was, no
if you're not willing to sit and think about something that initially seems silly, against common sense, absurd, etc, you are in fact not open to radical critiques of the status quo, and you're keeping us on this hell earth where if I oversleep it can ruin my life, and I hate you
smash the alarm clock industrial complex
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