1 - Despite the fact that the @Alberta_UCP and @jkenney campaigned on what they claimed were morality and ethics, their creation of the @CDNEnergyCentre has shown that what they’ve brought to Alberta is anything but...

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2 - We forwarded our discovery to (among others) the Ethics Commissioner, hoping that the Office of the Ethics Commissioner would be able to do something to force some ethical behavior from @jkenney and his @Alberta_UCP.

We were wrong.

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3 - It seems there’s no doubt that @jkenney, the @UCPCaucus and the @Alberta_UCP have misled Albertans as to what their real values are, because they certainly appear to have grossly compromised what they claimed they stood for.

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4 - The Ethics Commissioner seems powerless to stop the UCP’s hypocrisy and manipulation.


Since @jkenney and the @Alberta_UCP seem to be so fond of opinion pieces, we wanted to end this segment with one.

And it’s one you won’t want to miss.

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5 - The full version of this video is available at , and this is one that we are going to ask you to share.

Because like we said, the powers that be have made it clear, it’s up to Albertans to demand better from our government.

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