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it's really upsetting me that not a lot of people are talking about this. so allow me to offer a little insight to the fires in colorado.
to clear things up: no, california is not the only state experiencing extreme wildfires. for some reason i've seen ppl
saying that.
this is our third driest year and over 175,000 have burned so far. currently the 4 largest of these fires are barely contained. (the lowest not being contained at all and the highest only being at 30% as of August 23, 2020)

one of these fires is the second largest
in our wildfire history. another is the 17th. I-70 was closed due to the wildfires reaching it. i'm sure you can imagine how hectic that would be. they're going to reopen it soon but- it'll still be dangerous to drive on it. colorado, the same as california, experts have found
that both are undergoing climate changes that will make these wildfires much more common.

if you live in colorado or a neighboring state, please leave some water out in your yards and bring outside pets in. due to the fires the wildlife here are fleeing and will be tired and
thirsty. if you can also find any way to support us here that would be great. but the best thing is to spread the word. inform people of what's happening here. i've been very scared of the fires so i don't know everything about them, but here's the basics. feel free to research
on your own and provide more info for people. if you live in colorado or a neighboring state please make sure you're staying safe. the smoke is creating unsafe air conditions, so make sure you're driving as little as possible and staying safe.
i am not an expert on fire. nor on climate. just a scared 18 year old. i just want to try and help spread awareness about what's happening here. if i find charities or ways people can help i'll update this thread. thank you for reading, and everyone out there stay safe
as far as i know right now: there are no relief funds for colorado and the state continues to burn.
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