Classes start today. It’s my first day teaching in @TULiberalArts as a member of the Sociology Faculty.

It’s also my first-time teaching an online only course to undergrads...during a pandemic.

This is the start of an ongoing #RealCollege thread about #TempleSocEd 👇
My students have a full week to engage in the initial assignments (learn more about the course here:

I have 30 enrolled students. I can see 8 are already engaged by 930 am on Monday morning!
Tonight was our first optional zoom session! 6 of the 30 students came— not bad considering the class officially begins “this week” not Monday.


1. the baby that cried out during discussion made my whole day. Her mom was talking about structural change!
2. No male-identified students attended. Hmmm.

3. The ice breaker worked! We talked about what show we are binging and why. Loved hearing that two are into books not TV. Also got lots of new recommendations.

4. We talked about what they want to see changed in the world.
5. My goal was achieved— to connect the dots between sociology of education, real life challenges, and social change.

And it was all taped for the rest of the class to watch later.

21/30 students are engaged and working so far!
We’re finishing out week 2 and today had an optional meeting about the midterm project. 9 members of the 35 person class showed up. Most had cameras off when we began. I started by asking each how they were doing this week.
We spent 15 min sharing. We learned about challenges with kids at home doing school, two students who don’t have desks, another struggling with a landlord & several w financial aid problems. By the end of 15, all cameras were ON!
One of the 1st things they do is a survey so I can understand them as humans. It’s a shorter #RealCollege instrument.

With only a fraction of the responses in, the challenges are very, very clear.

Before I explain, I’m protecting student privacy by not being overly specific
In response to a request, here’s what is on my welcome survey.
I ask “what challenges are you facing this term?”

The very first answer: Teaching (multiple) children at home while working and attending college full-time.

There it is🔥🔥🔥

That’s ANSWER #1!!!
Day 2. 14 of my 30 students have already completed the welcome survey (they have til day 6 to do so).

Among those 14: 2 have kids of their own, 3 are taking care of younger siblings while doing online school, 2 are taking 18+ credits this term and working, and ALL are working.
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