Bakugou just downed another shot at the bar where he frequents. He doesn’t keep count of how many shots he drank. He just wants to drink away the night and forget the unsuccessful attempts on making his miserable sex life.. well, not miserable.

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He tried dating. He smiled and acted interested on what the guys he dated had to offer because let’s be real. No one would want to date an explosive disaster like him. Whatever. He really tried and kept his urges to roll his eyes and unnecessary rude comments to himself.
Because if that’s what’ll get him affection tonight even if it’s just dick pounding in his ass then so be it.

He tries to be straightforward in a way that won’t be weird and says that he’ll be expecting some physical affection after their date. He’s not one to be beating around-
the bush. He’s touch starved and he wants to be touched. So fucking what?

Not all of his dates agree to that though. So he either ends up going home alone or going home with someone to sleep with. Either way, he always ends up alone. Because when he wakes up, there’s no warmth-
next to his bed.

And he fucking hates that. Putting up effort on getting dressed and playing nice when at the end he’s back to square one on finding who will fucking stay in the bed with him. He fucking hates thinking that he’ll finally wake up with someone holding him only to-
wake up on an empty bed.

So he found another way of getting off without getting high hopes of getting physical affection. Or getting physical in general. But not everyone in his contacts is available anytime he reaches out to them. He downed his last shot when the fourth call-
of the night sends him in voicemail. What’s the point of having so many people in his contacts when none of them are available? He ain’t stopping though. He’s not a little bitch. He’s gonna get that digital dick one way or another.
He doesn’t care if some of them are faking it just to give Bakugou what he wants and be done with it because Bakugou’s an insufferable bitch. It gets him off and that’s all he needs.
He stumbled out of the bar and wobbled through the parking lot on the way to his car. He scrolled through his contacts trying to find someone he hasn’t called yet. His vision is getting blurry so he just clicked on the first contact he saw and held his phone to his ear.
It just kept ringing. But he’ll stay on the line because he’s fucking tired and drunk and tripping over himself at a stupid parking lot trying to find someone who will put up with him even for just a couple of minutes.
He doesn’t even know if he should keep doing this. Hell he doesn’t even know what he’s doing anymore or what to do with himself and the line is still ringing. But he needs this digital shit because if it’s physical he’ll end up alone.
The line just keeps ringing what the fuck. Pick up the fucking phone already. Well, he’s already alone right now but at least he used his time wisely by getting drunk as fuck at a bar.
“Bakugou? What’s up man?”
He finally reached his car and he had to stop himself from banging his head to the window because what the fuck. He shouldn’t be hearing that voice on the other end of the line. That deep voice with a hint of growl but also a hint of joy when the person-
speaks. That voice that reminds him a splash of godawful red hair and sharp teeth.

There’s a big warning sign popping in his head and alarms going off. He had to pull out his hair because fuck is he going insane? He must’ve drank more than he thought. Motherfucker that voice-
haunted his wet dreams in high school. He got fucking goosebumps hearing that voice.

He looked at his wristwatch. It’s 3am and he’s at a parking lot outside a bar, drunk and hanging on his car like his life depends on it.
It’s fine. This is fine. He does this every time. Not with his best friend but this is fine. What could go wrong?

“Hey shitty hair.”
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