When the pandemic began to ramp up I was concerned about the food system, including shortages. What I've learned since then is that there is a kind of ugly "resilience" in that system, a resilience that is literally killing people. https://twitter.com/scalawagmag/status/1297867753282363392
I (naively it would seem) thought that it would be unsafe to work in plants like these, that they would close, and that there would be shortages. But no...they are unsafe they just don't shut down.
Not I use "resilience" here cautiously. A system that keeps going in this way isn't truly resilient. It is just resistant (for a time, until it isn't).
This isn't the only example where the 'resilience' of some is danger, illness, injury, or death for others. Prison labor fighting fires in California is another example in the news right now.
Trying to keep unsustainable systems going by throwing bodies into the breech is not resilience. Besides being wrong and unethical, it also doesn't address root causes.
That means such systems will continue to move deeper into danger zones and when the fake resilience that comes by throwing lives into the breech gets overwhelmed I(like shortages of prison labor for fire fighting) the actual lack of resilience will be revealed
I expect those revelations will be shocking to many, but they shouldn't be.
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