@Cambridge_Uni currently has £377 million of its endowment invested in the fossil fuel industry. This is unacceptable.
On the 21st of September, the University of Cambridge will release its latest report on divestment. Then on the 19th of October the University Council will vote on whether the University should divest from fossil fuels.
The coming weeks will be crucial in ensuring that Cambridge University listens to students, workers, and frontline communities around the world when we demand: DIVEST NOW!
We'll be escalating toward the divestment vote with weekly actions leading up to the vote - click going on the event to find out more and get regular updates.
Despite overwhelming student and worker support going back five years, the University has already rejected full divestment twice. Since then, 11 trillion dollars at over 1110 institutions has been divested.
The University has ignored the will of students and workers, and continued to collude with the extractive industries that fuel this crisis and exacerbate the suffering of millions of people already affected by climate breakdown, disproportionately in the Global South.
As we countdown to the next divestment decision, we must make every member of the University Council listen to us.
Click going on the Countdown to Divestment FB event to get regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/231125138198488/
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