The form to offer for Jaehyun’s KOCCA photocard will be uploaded on Thursday, 27/08 at 11.00 WIB / 13.00 KST and it will be opened until Saturday, 29/08 21.00 WIB / 23.00 KST!

I’ll drop the link to the form under this thread.


Terms & conditions below.
[Terms & Conditions / Syarat & Ketentuan]

Please DM me directly for any more questions!🖤
Previews of the Google form:
Just contacted the post office and it turns out registered tracked shipping (cheaper than EMS but it takes longer to arrive) is now available for these countries:
• China (PRC)
• Hongkong
• Japan
• South Korea
• Malaysia
• Thailand
• Taiwan (ROC)
• Singapore
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