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To prevent alphas from attacking other alphas over unmated omegas, agressive unmated alphas are kept in a separate communities outside of society.

Izuku never thought he would need to worry about the neighborhood tucked to the side of the city.
He neglected to realize the steadily rising temperature or the sickly sweet scent drifting on the air. He thought it was just the sun beating down on his skin, yet as the sun disappeared under the horizon, it became apparent that the lingering fever was more than he realized.
The haze set in relatively quickly, hitting him in the gut before spreading like a virus through his frame. His legs wobble uncontrollably, slamming together as he stumbles into a light post.

It didn't occur to him that he had started going the wrong way home,
turning down the street and toward the musk drifting on the wind. He noses into the air dumbly, stumbling down the side walk and into the intoxicating smelling neighborhood.

A man running up the side of the street slows to a slow jog, head whipping to the side to observe Izuku.
Another man unloading groceries out of the truck of his car drops two of his white bags onto the pavement, cracked eyes and yokes dripping from a tear in the plastic.

The scent of heavenly musk lies further in the neighborhood that Izuku refuses to let go of even in his haze.
The two men follow behind him blindly just the same as Izuku follows the scent hooking his nose and luring him closer into the den of wolves.

Another man, clad in a black tank top, dark washed jeans and blond hair swinging an axe on a dried up tree occupying his yard.
Sweat drips from his forehead, lining his collarbone and dirt sticking to his damp damp palms that he claps together. He uses the hem of his tank top to wipe his face, revealing his toned abdomen and wafting his sharp scent in Izuku's direction.

Its the one he's looking for.
Izuku's legs wobble as soon as he reaches the man's lawn, falling to his knees before the blone man. Izuku glances up to the alpha's scarlet eyes.

A growl from behind Izuku echoes, alerting him to the two approaching alphas. It only then occurs to Izuku how badly he messed up.
The blond alpha moves first before the two remaining alphas can. He holds the axe by the end of the handle, swinging it in his grip as he steps in front of the panting omega.

The two alphas strike in an enraged bout of possessive claim on Izuku's trembling frame.
The blond alpha swings the axe and at the last minute, flipping it to the blunt end. It smacks into the first alphas head, effectively knocking him unconscious onto the grassy green of the lawn.

The second alpha tackles the blond and takes him to the ground seamlessly.
They roll on the ground, growling and snarling each strike they bestow on one another, slashing at their faces, jugular, and any place vulnerable to attack.

The blond alpha snarls as the opposing alpha throws him off, forcing the blond alpha onto his back to strike furiously.
Izuku whines, shivering as a sensation of heat floods his frame. The scent of chocolate and mint drifts him his body and eventually to the noses of both alphas.

The attacking alpha snaps his head up and toward the vulnerable omega helplessly shivering on the grass.
The blond uses the other alpha's lack of attention to land a blow on the man's jaw. It only takes a moment for the blond to have the opposing alpha on his back, bloodied and bruised into unconsciousness.

Izuku trembles from the scent of blood infiltrating his lungs.
The blond alpha stands from his kneeling position and makes he way toward the omega. Izuku looks up at the alpha smelling of burnt sugar and sweet citrus. It envelopes him in sweet serenity, lingering on his mind and coaxing a sexual pur from his lips.

The blond raises a brow,
eyes darkening as he nears the sweetly scented omega. A deep rumble vibrates from the alpha's chest in response, slowly approaching Izuku in a courting thrall.

Izuku preens at the blond's actions, tilting his neck happily to the side, proposing the blond take what is his.
"You dumb, fucking omega."

The blond growls lowly as he bends to snags Izuku's collar to hoist him up and to his feet.

They stumble along the stairs up to the blond's house that Izuku doesn't quite remember once he enters the foyer. Its nicer than his own home, that he knows.
They enter a bedroom filled with the alpha's scent and even more so when the alpha throws Izuku into the bed in the middle of the room.

A sigh leaves the omega's lips as soon as he hits the mattress, flinching at the touch around his ankles that soon pulls him to the blond.
The alpha slides himself in-between Izuku's legs and leans over his frame, his breath feathering across Izuku's blazing cheeks.

"I'm not going to fuck you without knowing your name."

The alpha speaks to Izuku's glazed over expression, narrowing his crimson eyes on Izuku's.

The alpha hisses, grabbing the omega by the jaw to force him to look the blond in the eyes. Izuku almost blubbers at Katsuki's touch, writhing under him.

The alpha reaches for Izuku's perky nipples to give them a harsh pinch.

Izuku whimpers, wiggling under the alpha's cruel ministrations.

"I'm Katsuki, ya hear?"

The blond kneads Izuku's parting thighs, ignoring the needy slick seeping from Izuku's sweat pants, a grin growing on his lips.


The omega cries out.
"What? I can here you,"

Katsuki sneers, bending down to lick a strip up the side of Izuku's neck exposed from under his baby blue t-shirt.

"It's Izuku!"

The omega shrieks to which Katsuki chuckles, nibbling along Izuku's ear drums and inhaling his scent in his green curls.
"Izuku? I'm going to call you Deku instead. You know why? You're going to be useless without my knot,"

Katsuki's voice purs in his ear. Every touch he prescribes to Izuku's skin leaves heat searing across his frame and even more so as time goes on.
"Are you going to be my good little omega?"

The alpha whispers into the shell of Izuku's ear, flicking his tongue along the tip of the omega's reddening ear tips.

"Yes! Y-yes, I will! Please! I need-"

Izuku pleads repeatedly, squeezing his thighs together which
eventually leads to him squeezing Katsuki between his lithe legs.

"I know, I know, I'll breed you nice and good. Such a good little omega,"

The blond's coos send shivers down Izuku's spine and goose bumps down his legs. Katsuki's hardening bulge rubbing against
the dampening spot from Izuku's leaking hole.

"I'm going to fucking wreck you, Deku."

Izuku bites his bottom lip. He can't fucking wait.

[ T B C? ]

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Pt. 2 #bkdk #smut #nsfw

Sorry for the typos!

Katsuki left his home at the age of 18. His mother couldn’t handle his aggression any longer and his father had too many scars from his overly wrathful claws that would grow from the tips of his fingers in his fits of rage.
He agreed with the decision to rehome him to the alpha communities on the outskirts of the city.

He already had a degree in engineering and was planning to take over his mother’s business when she decides to retire, leaving him set for the majority of his life.
He never had to worry about the future or if he could provide for himself, and maybe that’s what led to his overly aggressive outbursts as nothing else seemed to keep his mind busy.

The yard of his new home needed work and he’s sure none of the community workers
would give a damn if he fixed it on his own. It’s not like they would care about a dead tree and a couple of weeds after all.

The axe slams into the wood with a satisfying thud. The whole structure of the giant tree creaks and croons in it’s dying hour,
wheezing as the metal axe rips from it’s brittle bark. Katsuki huffs, glancing up at the tree and how it sways dangerously from side to side.

He swings for the second time, planting into the wood and cracking it even further than before.
He would have ripped it from the bark the second time if it wasn’t for the scent of heavy whipped cream, mint, and raspberries. It dances on the wind and floods his senses with sweetness.

He glances behind him to see a green haired omega stumbling along the sidewalk,
knees knocking together until he plants himself on Katsuki’s lawn. His freckled cheeks rim with a pinkish hue and his eyes brim with desire that comes along with the burden of heat.

Two alphas, one in exercise clothing and another fresh from the grocery store stalk behind
and Katsuki retches his axe from the dead wood.

This is going to get bloody.
Having an omega in his bed doesn’t happen often as his aggressive behaviour and picky tendencies prevent so from occurring. Staring down at this omega, he finds himself physically vibrating at the thought of claiming this omega has his own,
of torturing him slowly to the point he shrieks for Katsuki’s cock and knot, in whatever order at every second of the green haired omega’s heat.

“I’m going to fucking wreck you, Deku.”

Katsuki rumbles to the dumbly dazed omega he couldn’t help but tease.
His freckles appear lighter as his face brightens with redness and even more so as Katsuki yanks on the grey sweatpants Izuku decided to wander into the alpha neighbourhood in. The scent of slick has the alpha purring,
crooning as he peels Izuku’s legs open and wide enough to provide enough access for Izuku to stare longingly at his prize.

“No underwear? You kinky little fuck,”

Katsuki growls deeply, leaning down to blow heated air down onto Izuku’s tiny cock,
forcing it to twitch and Izuku to whimper for the alpha to do anything other than just torture him. His whole clenches around nothing in particular, wheezing slick like nobody's business and dripping onto Katsuki’s black bedding.
If the scent permeates the fabric, he’ll keep it on his bed for the rest of the year, forgoing washing it just to smell the scent of ripe omegan slick every night and every morning. He could get himself drunk on the scent of sweet and spicy mint, berries, and sugar.
“So tiny… What am I supposed to do with this, Deku? It’s barely bigger than my finger!”

Katsuki kneads the flesh of Izuku’s thighs as he taunts the omega, oblivious to the redness spreading from his cheeks to his ears.
“I-I can’t help it…”

Izuku mumbles, wiggling his hips to offer his neglected hole as he trembles in Katsuki’s grip.

“I think you’re going to have to do some convincing, Deku.”

Katsuki sings from in between Izuku’s shuddering thighs.
The blond alpha steps back, crossing his arms as he stares down at the omega.

“Present, let me see what you have to offer.”

Izuku goes wide eyed and for a moment, Katsuki thinks the smaller male is going to call him out for being cruel.
Izuku rolls onto his stomach and brings his knees under him to support his body on top of the sinking mattress. Katsuki’s eyes darken at the sight of slick gathering just outside the puffy rim of the omega’s boy cunt before dripping down the inner parts of his thighs.
Izuku’s cheek rests against the duvet and presents his quivering hole to Katsuki as he stands farther than he truly wanted to be. He curses his need for the theatrics.

Without a word, Izuku’s hand comes up the inner side of his right thigh,
trailing up the slick and gathering the liquid on the pads of his fingertips. Katsuki observes intently, following every movement of the omega as his fingers circle the puff rim before pressing inward, swallowing two fingers whole.
Izuku shudders, moaning into the mattress and almost forgetting Katsuki entirely. His tiny fingers pulse in and out of his body, glistening with even more slick gliding over his knuckles before adding a third finger.
Izuku’s hungry hole seems to eat up every finger he offers and Katsuki runs his tongue across his lips. He could take the slick in the air and how the scent only intensifies with each passing moment.

The omega’s whines and whimpers have Katsuki on the edge of intervention,
throbbing in the confines of his dark wash jeans. He could think of every possible way he could fuck Izuku, even more so if he decides that Izuku should be his for the rest of their lives. He imagines himself waking in the morning to a hungry omega already
bouncing on his cock eagerly, pleading for him to breed him, to give him pups-

Katsuki rips Izuku’s fingers from his throbbing cunt and rustles his cock from the confines of his pants. Their flesh touch, smearing slick along his thick cock and
knot where Katsuki groans at the sensation of Izuku so close, yet so far.

The omega whimpers for the millionth time, glancing back at the blond alpha taking his sweet time. Izuku’s palms clutch the blankets spread across the bed and his cheek stays flush with the mattress.
His emerald swirl with desire and Katsuki knows his say the exact same thing.

The cock head tests the boundary of Izuku’s hole and how it resists him for a moment. Izuku’s hips wiggle frantically to which Katsuki holds in place and focuses on nudging his shaft into the
slickened hole that is presented just for him.

He can’t help how he sinks inch by inch, Izuku’s hole sucking him in from the tip to the top of his knot. Katsuki shudders as he’s fully seated inside the purring omega happily grinding down on his cock.
He’s never seen an omega so content with being filled with cock and automatically, Katsuki begins to swing his hips much to Izuku’s delight.

Izuku’s eyes brim with tears and Katsuki grins with his hands gripping the flesh of Izuku’s rounded hips.
He’s warm against Katsuki’s palms and even more so since they began their dance of sexual need and desire. He could care less about overheating as the both of them desperately need release, even more so now that Katsuki
unconsciously decided to pup Izuku right there in his bedroom.

Izuku mewls and allows his head to fall lax on top of the mattress, jolting forward every time Katsuki’s powerful thrusts smack into Izuku’s rear.
The sickening sound of slick smeared skin slaps in a rhythmic mantra along with Izuku’s cutely spouted moans. If Katsuki could record it and play it forward in the back of his mind, he would.

Izuku’s slick splatters onto Katsuki’s thighs as the alpha quickens his pace.
Izuku’s walls quiver around Katsuki’s cock stronger than before, leaving the blond to raise a cocky brow.

“You’re going to cum already? Such a slutty, omega.”

He croons to the green haired boy heartlessly.
Izuku erupts into a fit of moans, clenching down on Katsuki’s shaft uncontrollably.

“Ah! I’m g-gonna-”

Katsuki ignores Izuku’s warning and begins to fully unleash his full strength on Izuku’s weakened form. He grins madly, pounding into the tight heat without remorse.
“Cum for me! Be a good omega and cum all over my cock,”

And Izuku does just that.

He shrieks in pleasure, writhing and convulsing from the rippling ecstasy coursing through his frame as Katsuki fucks him through every pulse and every wave.
Izuku’s eyes glaze over, tears running down the sides of his face to Katsuki’s satisfaction.

“Good boy, you came so well, such a good slut,”

Katsuki hums, continuously fucking into the overstimulated omega. He enjoys the way Izuku twitches and
how his eyes roll to the back of his head from the stimulation.


Izuku cries out to which Katsuki pulls himself from the omega’s quivering cunt. Izuku yelps at the loss only for him to be turned onto his back and yanked toward the blond
eagerly stroking his angry member standing proudly at attention.

Katsuki slips inside for the second time, leaning over Izuku’s panting form to pound into the omega. Izuku gasps, legs wrapping around Katsuki’s hips and his hands reaching behind him to hold onto
the blankets laid atop the bed. Katsuki memorizes the fucked out expression flushing across Izuku’s face as his knot expands, catching on the omega’s puffy rim until he finally seats himself inside Izuku’s body.

To the alpha’s surprise, Izuku convulses for the second time,
letting off a load of cum out of his tiny cocklet and arching his back beautifully off the mattress. Katsuki hums and bends down to Izuku’s neck. He mouths the area where the omega’s scent is the strongest, helplessly sucking up the pheromones to his heart’s content.
He never imagined he’d be doing such a thing, but then again, he never imagined he’d have an omega in his bed when he woke up that morning. Shit changes for a reason.

His fangs drop and within seconds, he digs into Izuku’s soft flesh.
The omega gasps, arms wrapping around the blond’s torso as blazing hot cum fills his slickened hole. Katsuki grunts into the wound upon Izuku’s neck, lapping at the blood dribbling from the wound for the duration of his intense orgasm.
At that moment, the world goes still and Katsuki’s senses that he found too intense from the moment he presented deafened into a dull silence. He felt his body calm from the rapidly produced aggression and his mind hums to a calm tranquillity.
He dislodges his jaws from the expanse of Izuku’s neck, proudly examining his work and how his omega pants from Katsuki’s extreme ministrations and cock still pumping him full of white hot cum.

This’ll be a day to remember.
[ E N D ]

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