So oomf sent me a thread where a #SidNaaz "shipper" Was saying Sid knows all about these fanwars and all accounts who write rubbish about sana but still chose to ignore it and hype his fans because he wants the hype around him. All of this is her assumption,
But she is supporting her words by referring paras shehnaaz issue. And how Sid was still friend with him during bb though they had a fight. She called Sid imperfect and tbh I don't have any problem with it. I never said he is perfect or he is God. Mistakes happens n they realize
It later.. But I don't get how can she totally ignore her idol's mistakes. I don't want to bring all this again. I promised myself I will never talk about her. But it hurts when shippers blame everything on one person when they are supposed to understand POV of both sides.
How can you ship that bond, being biased towards one (relationship wise) .
Here I am talking about personal equations.
So here it starts, I am not going to make any assumptions, I just wanna ask few questions to shippers.. Muze bas samaza do how was Sid wrong here?
So they say Sid didn't support sana when she had a fight with paras. So my question is did sana supported herself after all those fight?? remember the conversation after paras-sana fight due to some bartan issue. Sid said 'muze tumhare liye bohot bura lg rha tha, kyuki tum paras
Ke sath ladte hue bhi soft ho rhi thi' something like that.. Sid spent most of his time with her.. So he knew her better, more that all these thread wali didis. Also Sid is good at judging people, one of his expertise. So sana was always soft towards paras.
She would fight with him and then immediately say I have attachment with you. Even after knowing that he hs abused her father. Something I would never do. During the Sid sana major fight, she was hugging Mahira in bathroom area and then suddenly went agnst all of them and suportd
asim. Do you still think it was due to his 'team'?? It was because she wanted to go against sid's will. And she did that. That's why I say she flipped. She chose to do her next show show with paras, I saw her hugging him happily there. why would she do that if she had any issue
With him? Paras was the one who supported Sid during 'aisi ladki ' episode in front of salman. Sana was rather busy sleeping. He supported Sid alot. I don't want to talk about intentions behind it, but when someone is nice to you without any favor from you, you tend to be soft
Towards them, you start liking them. This is what happened with Sid.. Sid started liking paras, Mahira, because they would support him no matter what.
They become friends. Here again some said he never said anything to paras, because he wanted his team..
Sid kya krta us team ka? Aachar dalta? He knew he is getting the highest votes among all of them, he never discussed any nomination task with anyone (even sana agreed with this) , baki cheeso ke liye team biggboss khud banate the. And agar usme har bhi gaye to Sid ko kuchh loss
Nhi hota. It wasn't because of the team. Sid never went against paras because
1. paras was always nice to him
2. sana herself had no stand, at one instant she would be hugging paras mahira, saying she has attachment and on second instant she would start fighting with him.
There is a thing called self respect, I find it kinda lacking in her. When you can't respect yourself, you can't expect anyone else to do it, not even your parents or husband. Then how can you expect it from a person you met three months ago? What if Sid fought with paras due to
her , broke his friendship, but wo immediately paras ke sath bat krna shuru kr deti? There was high possibility. Sana never took correct stand for herself.. I would never do many things she did. Yeah she was nice with Sid, took care of him and all. But you should respect yoursel
Before respecting your relationships. And that is the reason I don't like her much.. Warna shipper to main bhi thi
So.. I don't think you can take this issue as a reference while concluding that Sid didn't called out his fans because he wants the hype.. This issue was totally different. You are just assuming that Sid saw those tweets. But Sid gets tagged in may tweets everyday, use shayad
Dikha nhi hoga. And about Webtel, I remember he only did one tweet against sana, and deleted immediately.. So Sid ne pakka wo tweet nhi dekhi. About herdhush, Sid wasn't active that time. And later he never talk about sana through his main account. So again low chances of sid
Reading those.. Sid know about fanwars and he apologized on our behalf. What more you expect from him? That he should stop interacting with his fans? Humne kya galati ki hai?
Muze lga ye topic tabhi khatam ho gaya.. But you all are still stretching it..
Stop assuming things. Let him live and interact with his fans the way he wants.
Ya phir sana apke sath interact nhi krti is liye bura laga?
This is my last thread on this topic. I will not talk about her from now onwards (until Sid and sana says anything official.. )
So just stop talking about him too .. Peace ✌✌✌
And the one saying I am defending porn
Editors just because I wrote this thread, tell me kaha kiya maine defennd?? I am the one who asked everyone to stop supporting him in his wrong doings.. You can ask my followers. I here only defending Sid here.
And yeah.. I have nothing against shippers. I have seen many supporting Sid wholeheartedly.. I have no issue if you support both. Totally your choice.. If you are not throwing Sid under bus to support sana, this thread is not for you.. 💕💕💕
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