A one-page Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem (the other three pages are an Appendix that discusses various applications of the same Maths.)

Note: The doc is an old version. My resolution of the Reimann Hypothesis is better stated in the most-current version, all done 'decades' ago.
If anyone is interested, I'll jump-through-the-hoops of making the most-current version of the doc available. (The older version, which is completely valid, was in a stack of other docs that I just happened to be looking through earlier 'today'.) @amermathsoc

k. p. collins
"Oh yeah" - The significance of the RE(zeta) = 1/2 line is that it is "halfway between" the real and imaginary numbers.

"And never the twain shall meet."

It's both pretty simple and pretty amazing that this is the Fundamental outcome of the calculation.

k. p. collins
I hope I got it right, as I wrote it from 'memory'.

Too 'tired' to search for the final version of my Proof.
I sent the "Final Version", and addenda, to Journalists long ago, but I'll search for it if anyone's interested.

And then I'll claim the Clay Maths $.

Just give me sufficient lead-'time' because I'll have to drop everything else, and I have to finish what I've started
before I can drop everything else.

k. p. collins
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