if someone GROOMS A LITERAL CHILD that is not a mistake
u cant just groom, manipulate, and sexualize a minor by accident
if ur a pedophile or a “map” (minor attracted person), u are invlaid and a mistake! abusing children is not a lifestyle choice, it is not a sexuality. u need professional help.
being a pedo is not a sexuality, u will not be apart of lgbtq bc you dont belong there. pedopride, map, and pedosexuality is bullshit. u need to be in prison not the lgbtq community
some of yall are weirding me out so im just gonna press mute
i understand its a mental illness but that doesn’t mean its okay, and if u act on it you SHOULD be arrested.
and if u havent acted on it you NEED to get help. its embarrassing how many people are defending literal pedos in the replies
and no they are not apart of the lgbtq and never will be, period
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