She will wear this when rescuing Eda #TheOwlLady and while doing it will discover that the emperor is also a human #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseTheory
1/? Ok So this is how it's gonna be. In order to rescue Eda Luz will get as much help as she can get. And if anything she has friends. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers
2/? We know how powerful Luz is in contrast with other witches, we saw it in Hooty’s Moving Hassle. She animated a whole house when Amity, Boscha and Skara couldn't even animate a doll. From Eda's Mouth: "That takes some powerful magic" #TheOwlHouse
3/? We've already seen that Amity is a skillful witch and one of the best students at Hexside (if not the best). Also Lilith refers to her as "Her strongest Protegé" and having your skill acknowledged by the Head of the Coven is not something to be dismissed. #TheOwlHouse #Lumity
Hooty is a wild card. Eda knows he keeps her safe and we've witnessed that along the series. In Hooty’s Moving Hassle we got an idea of his power and in Agony of a Witch we saw how he beat Lilith's squadron as if it was nothing. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue
5/? A witch is not complete without her staff and in Escape of the Palisman Luz earned Owlbert's trusts so he will lend her his power. Credit to @johnny_octopus for the image #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
6/? From Lost in Language we know The Bat Queen is the wealthiest demon on the Boiling Isles and that she trusts Eda enough to take care of her children. But it is from Escape of the Palisman that we learned the most about her. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue
7/? The Bat Queen:
- Is feared in the Boiling Isles
- Is the protector of lost and forgotten palismans
- Was part of a giant staff (maybe a titan?)
And Luz earned her favor. An army of palismans would be handy in a battle against the emperor. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers
8/? We know from the first episode that Warden Wrath wants to date Eda and that he is powerful. Is that enough of a reason to help her? Maybe. How far will you go to rescue your crush who has rejected you multiple times? #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
9/? So we have Luz wearing the magic cloack Eda made for her with Owlbert, Hooty, Willow and Amity by her side. They will go face the emperor and during the battle The Bat Queen will arrive with an army of palismans #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
10/? Warden Wrath will also come with his soldiers, the Blight Twins and Luz friends from school. It will be a battle of epic proportions. But they have fooled us all, the battle was a distraction all along. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue
11/? But the emperor catches Luz sneaking around. They battle but Luz is no match. Luckily she grabbed something from the Relic Room which allows her to escape. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue
12/? We know Emperor Belos is feared and no one comes even close to his level. Or that's what he's made everyone believe. When Luz asks if he is powerful Willow says: "The Emperor is the most skilled witch that's ever lived, he can even talk to the Titan" #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlLady
13/? During the castle tour Kikimora says "Up until 50 years ago witches and demons practiced wild magic during what we call the savage ages. Witches had access to corrupt knowledge and that dishonored the titan" #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
14/? Kikimora continues: "That was until our great emperor ascended to the throne and taught witches how to use magic properly" #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
15/? Willow complements this by saying: "Before he came to power folks were doing magic all wrong. He taught us that the only way to respect what the Titan gave us was to join the covens" #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
16/? In episode 5 "Covention" Eda says: "When you join a Coven all your other magic is seal away. Since I never joined a coven I can do every kind of magic. That's why I'm the most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles" #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
17/? So that's what happened. Emperor Belos instaurated a new order making sure there would never be anyone who could defy him by creating the covens, this way no matter how skilled you became you would only know one kind of magic. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlLady
18/? That's why the emperor is so desperate to capture Eda, she is a menace to his power because she is living proof that using more than one kind of magic makes you more powerful. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
19/? So while trying to rescue Eda Luz faces the emperor and loses (see what I did there?) But she will learn some unexpected information. Just as she did, emperor Belos came from the human world. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlHosue #TheOwlLady
20/? Having experienced the emperor's power first hand Luz will take a decision she wouldn't have taken otherwise. She decides to go back to her world since she knows the only way she can defeat him is by finding out more about him. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #TheOwlLady
21/? But she won't go back alone. Amity will be the first one to offer to go with her and after her insistence Luz will accept. Willow also offers to go but doesn't really want to. And of course they will take King with them. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #Lumity
22/? Just imagine season 2 being about Luz and Amity in the human world while she teaches her about the internet and some other human stuff while they get involved in crazy shenanigans while trying to unveil the mystery of Emperor Belos #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers #Lumity
23/? The idea that one of the most powerful magic wielders in a fantasy world is not from there has been used in other stories. I came across it most recently while reading the Howl's Moving Castle novel. #HowlsMovingCastle #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers
24/? In the book this is not a plot twist so much as a casual fact about one of the characters. I've had a lot of fun reading it and finding out this is a trilogy was a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. #HowlsMovingCastle #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers
25/? This idea was also used in #TheMagicians TV show where one of the big plot twists is *SPOILERALERT* finding out that the villain is in fact a human who decided to wreak havoc in the fantasy world. #TheOwlHouse #TheOwlHouseSpoilers Credit to
@colorpaletteart for the picture
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