Beautiful thing about Canada is every time people suggest I run NDP I know I can’t because I’ve publicly supported Palestine, great left party.
I can be hired to do a lot of interesting background work by liberals too and speech write/strategy but can’t run which is fine but I’m sad that people believe enough in this party to think they would even let me run
I doubt we can get a Cori Bush type of activist elected here because what party could they run with that would support them or let that happen. So when Canadians long for those things, help fix the NDP it keeps moving center.
Similar to Ilhans all about the benjamins
Our “left” party the NDP
Don’t need to keep hearing this guy discuss his identity thank you
Rana Zaman is a community organizer who was kicked out of the party
She’s also a non punitive person actually committed to people’s growth and the NDP abandoned her
She also had a human right award taken away, similar to what happened to Angela Davis for her support of Palestine
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