sometimes i have thoughts about the reversed!tangled au where wwx lives inside a well rather than a tower and has horror elements where his blood / tears can be used along with his hair.......... and then how it’s never going to happen bc it’s so far from my writing style LMAO
this does mean white haired yllz wwx who’s been trapped in the well for two decades until prince lwj wanders into his forest and hums little songs for the animals of the forest, until one day he pauses and a voice from deep within the well asks him to continue
the person who trapped him in the well to exploit his healing + anti-aging powers is obviously like wrh or whatever and wwx is so confused that lwj is taking him away from the well on adventures without asking........ anything in return?????? giving these things unconditionally??
then wwx slowly falls in love with this person who just gives and gives and gives and seems horrified that wwx can start crying on command and vehemently refuses his offers of tears and blood as repayment
and then when wrh manipulates wwx into believing that lwj was using him all along, a part of wwx just thinks, “ah, so i was right the entire time”
wwx, squinting: what’s your ulterior motive
lwj, deeply confused and in love:
wwx: no i don't think that counts
lwj, insistent: i did this all for you because i love you
wwx, also now deeply confused: well that doesn’t seem right
one time lwj buys him food or something and wwx just starts CRYING and lwj is like ??!!?!??!?!?!?? and wwx is like great! there you go! bottle that up and you'll be good for any injuries!!! thanks for the food!!
lwj's first agenda is to get him lots of water and food and then let him enjoy the festival and the entire time wwx's like??? i appreciate the water and food so i can cry but the festival isn't necessary????
anyways at the end it turns out that lwj isn’t a prince but rather the second heir of a regency where the last surviving member of the royal family has been missing for the past two decades, and lo and behold...... wei wuxian, the true prince of the kingdom
but wwx has had enough of ppl trying to trap him in positions he doesn't want THEREFORE he says no to the whole throne. he'll help lxc and stuff bc he’s lwj’s Brother but like otherwise no fukkin thanks!! see ya!!!!
lwj, having a whole crisis because he can’t marry wwx according to the rules of hierarchy and bloodlines: i love you, but we cannot be together
wwx: lol what? yeah we can. i just told them we can. my word is law lan zhan
lwj: and how did they..............take that
wwx: oh i ran out before they could talk me out of it. speaking of which we should run. like now.
also just for personal reasons i want wwx who has scars around his ankles and wrists and lwj just tenderly stroking them. for my own reasons.
also imagining touch-starved wwx who is so deeply confused about people touching him for reasons other than to hurt him like
wwx, after lwj has braided his hair: i mean.... thanks? but it'll be harder to work with if it's braided you know
lwj: that's not why i did it
wwx: what?????? ok. also you don't have to hold my hand for the tears to work you know that right
lwj: i know. i just want to
wwx, squinting: is this your ulterior motive?????? so i can't run away??? i mean i won't??
lwj: that's not it
wwx: what is your ulterior motive then???
lwj: i just want to. that's it
wwx, squinting: hm...................ok................... whatever you want lan zhan you weirdo
the extra deliciousness of all his trust issues and trauma, and then seeing lwj with the lanterns and deciding “fuck it. if he puts me back in the well i'll accept it because i love him and i'm never going to regret feeling like this again!!”
wwx taking lwj’s hand, grinning at him as he pulls a stumbling lwj thru the crowd, letting down his hair, laughing so loud it seems to drown out the music, so happy and in love. leaning in to press their foreheads together, and lwj gazing back with a tiny smile of his own
and then wrh strikes like ten minutes later and Does Exactly That But You Know
anyways wrh perishes at the end but cue the big scene where lwj is dying from wrh’s knife, and wwx frantically tries to make himself cry because if there’s one moment where it counts, where he feels it, it’s now but...... for some reason, nothing is coming out
just the idea of wwx’s tears being weaponized for so long that being genuinely sad just makes him dissociate and repress those emotions rather than feeling them entirely, and the idea of his tears, for the longest time, being disconnected from his emotions
and the entire time lwj is stroking his face with bloodstained fingertips, wwx is babbling, “no, no, lan zhan, come on, i swear i can do this, i’m not letting you die, no, no, no, i’m going to cry, i’m going to do it for you, just hold on baobei, hold on—“
and lwj brushes his thumb across wwx’s mouth. nudges wwx’s gaze up from the wound to his face, where lwj is gazing at him with such tender and soft eyes, murmuring, “no need.”

because it’s true. lwj never wanted wwx to use his powers for him. he never wanted to use wwx.
he just wanted wwx to be happy.
and because this isn’t some grand movie, lwj doesn’t say, “you were my new dream,” or “i love you,” or “thank you” or “i’m sorry.” those are his last words.

“no need.”

his hand thuds to the floor littered with broken glass.
that—gives wwx an idea. he bites his hand, cuts his palm on the glass, tries to press it into lwj’s wound, frantically chanting, “come on, work, work, please work, for once in your goddamned life, please fucking work—“
and a memory blooms, like the sun-golden flowers that dots the fields where he and lwj danced in what seems like forever ago. there, lwj had laid them both down by the campfire beneath the stars, hand curled around his, and hummed him to sleep with a soft, wordless song.
the thing is wwx has to sing for his power to work, and every time wrh commanded him to, he always used the same tired old melody that wrh believed with a strange fervor would be the key to activating his powers, but the truth is that any song would work
for years, he used wrh’s melody with stupid lyrics, cursing his name and his lineage and the well, filled with exhausted spite and the despair of being trapped in the well for so long
but now, he brings the memory of that song that lwj sang him by the fire, of warmth and love and soft, sleepy adoration and wwx sings the song with no words, calling lwj back, asking him to find his way home—to wei wuxian
is this wangxian dot mp3? yeah. YEAH.
and halfway through the song, a hoarse voice interrupts him. “is that my song,” lan wangji murmurs.

the relief that floods wei wuxian’s body makes him collapse over lan wangji’s, burying him in his hug. “i thought you gave it to me,” he mumbles, eyes stinging.
the autonomy of his tears and his emotions, returned to him once more.
and lwj’s hand starts stroking through his short hair, and before lwj begins humming the song again, picking right up where wwx left off, he tells wwx, “of course. everything is yours, wei ying. freely given.”

“even you?”

a pause.
“yes,” says lan wangji, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “even me.”

“good,” says wei wuxian, and leans up so he can press a million kisses to lan wangji’s startled face. “me too, baobei. me too.”
then they become wangxian married by eloping and get the whole kingdom on their asses and lwj, in true flynn rider form, gets wanted posters around the kingdom but no one pays attention to them because they just know wangxian as that incredibly kind couple who helps everyone out
does wwx’s tears or blood work for healing ever again???? well, he never gets the chance to find out because lwj never lets him weaponize his own emotions and blood against himself again. he wants wwx to be happy and therefore!!! wwx’s magic powers are irrelevant!!!!
wwx gets to experience so many festivals, all these different types of food and music and genuine happiness that he was robbed of for the first twenty years of his life, and the entire time lwj is by his side, holding his hand with a small smile full of love
and then!!! wangxian married!!!!! possibly with a son once the regency begins demanding heirs!!!!!! adopts a-yuan!!!!!! hell yeah!!!!!! the end!!!!!!!!
and because this is Me, i have of course written the beginning snippets of it. so please take these humble crumbs if you will (1/5)
maybe i should post this on ao3 this is so long (3/5)
lwj appears ! (4/5)
(5/5) while this is pretty much all i'm planning to write for this reverse tangled au, this is a sort of complete fic if w/o any..... proper resolution because it's just the beginning LMAO

that being said, i may post on ao3 if.... that is a thing ppl are interested in.........
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