I am back after 5 days off of twitter, email, media

Here's my quick summary of what happened with COVID

1. UNC, few other universities decided to ignore sound public health advice and just "go for it". It didn't work out all that well. So they blamed the students

Summary of last 5 days contd:

2. Infections continued to fall across many parts of US (good!) but so did testing so hard to sort out how much. Falling hospitalizations also assuring

3. Deaths remained high. But lagging indicator -- and will come down in upcoming days/week


4. Schools continued to open where they shouldn't (eg Mississippi) and often immediately shut down because of predictable outbreaks

5. Schools in places where safe to open (NYC) struggled because folks (understandably) are worried when they see GA, MS headlines

6. And sadly, @US_FDA took big hit to credibility in the manner in which they announced EUA for plasma

To be clear, FDA has the authority & data might even meet the criteria

But manner of role out: hyperbole, mischaracterization of evidence by @SteveFDA very disappointing

Bottom line for EUA is this:

if you end up hospitalized, your doctor won't know if plasma is helpful or not

That's why we do science

And EUA sets us back. Makes it harder to do science right

What a week. Some progress. Lots of disappointment

What big stuff did I miss?

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