This #Thread the most important one I have ever written. #BidenHarris2020Landslide could be the difference between life and death for me and countless other #disabled people. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
Can anyone guarantee if heaven forbid #Tre45on wins I won't be thrown in a camp cause I'm #Muslim #Jersey girl? It breaks my heart that this meeting is being framed as negative or shady. #DisabilityTwitter #GH fam you know me I can't keep a secret and I was never asked to.
I am proud to work with #BidenHarris to #BeatTrump like a drum and I have no doubt they are equally proud to work with me a multiple minority. @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris's campaign took the time to sit down with me and my community. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
Do you know what #BunkerBoy would do if I ask for a sit-down to discuss my communities concerns? Many people say he'd grab me by the pussy, throw me in a cage and tear gas me. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare #EqualityForAll
I am grateful that #TeamBiden had this conversation away from the public eye instead of tossing me to David Duke wannabe #TuckerCarlson who'd put my life at risk by mercilessly mocking my snowflakeness and unleashing terrifying trolls who all too often sweep into the real world.
Yes, there are deplorables who want to harm the #disabled #Palestinian funny chick cause I'm going to #VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica #CripTheVote
@JoeBiden has fought bullies his whole life as have I. Together we, and all #voters who are willing to join this fight with us, will beat the biggest #bully on Earth on November 3rd. #ByeDon2020 #BuildBackBetter ( #BeyonceTheCat is photoshopped lest you all screech #FakeNews)
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