*Virgo season thread*

How is Virgo season going to impact the signs?

You can apply your sun, moon & rising.

If you feel called to apply more placements, do it!

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Virgo ♍️

I feel like your life is changing, and you’re going to see results right in front of you throughout your season. The wheel is spinning in your favor, and I see you working on all aspects of you life to create a more well rounded you. The past might try to creep back.
You’re being tested on whether you are still bound by the past or not. Be prepared to let things go and shift with the tides. You could have some security worries, but just know that change is just what you need. You’ll finally get to find out what will fully satisfy you.
Aries ♈️

You’re being encouraged to follow the light, and work on your career. Your future is still up in the air, you will be guided during Virgo season towards your destiny. I think you’re going to be more determined, you’ve gone through the cycles, now you can be at peace.
I see you guiding your own way. There’s a need to be more attached, this season might make you a bit cold and hostile. Refrain from arguments/conflict. Perfect your skills. Do something good for yourself. You will find that your expectations will be fulfilled.
Taurus ♉️

A new start calls your name, blindfolds that were once on are falling away this season. You’re coming to terms with the choices you have made and I think you’ll find they lead you in a good direction. You’re being advised not to doubt the process.
You might find yourself at a crossroads sometime during this season, you’ll have to make more difficult choices. The universe will be testing you during this season. Have you learned from past errors? Go in the fulfilling route. Anything is possible with time, soothe the soul.
Gemini ♊️

Luck will be on your side this season. You went through a long period of isolation, you backed away from what made you the most happy in fear of ruining it. Justice wasn’t on your side. You have a new opportunity for abundance coming in. Don’t be fearful.
What’s coming your way, will put a smile on your face. Knock off the illusions going on in your mind. Virgo season is going to make you WAKE UP. Might as well smell the flowers. You’ve come a long way, and all those harsh lessons made you stronger. You’re free to fly now.
Cancer ♋️

Will you go with your gut? That’s the question for Virgo season. I see the need to reclaim yourself and your power. You could be going through a painful transition. This is a time to give rather than take. You can find hope and resiliency.
Don’t keep truth inside, there’s a part of you that’s ready to burst. This Virgo season is all about claiming your truth back. You stand alone in this journey but you also have so much support. This season will show you how much you can shine. Make this restart a clever one.
Leo ♌️

You seem to be bored. Not much excitement going on? Have you been using what you have to your advantage? There’s a need to balance certain areas of your life, and Virgo season will get the ball rolling. You might meet a Sagittarius that changes things.
If you are frustrated with any circumstances Virgo season is going to make you face it. Don’t fret, prosperity lies ahead. Once you clear the blockages, a lot of realizations are going to hit you at once. Focus on what you have. Law of attraction will play a big role this season.
Libra ♎️

This is exciting. Finally you will receive some reciprocation. What you have been working towards is seeing the light. You might hit some delays this season, but I think that’s because you’re taking shortcuts/need closure from the past. Make sure you follow through.
I feel the love department is going to show up for you, could be with a Gemini or fire sign. If you’re already in a relationship, I see it reaching new depths. I would expect some changes in your world, but it’s all divinely guided. Believe you can reach a happy ending.
Scorpio ♏️

You’ve been down a painful road, you might be feeling more isolated from the world as usual. You seem to have lost some of your spark, that’s okay. Don’t keep secrets from yourself. You know what needs to be done, don’t let your heart or head tell you different.
Your inner voice is screaming for your attention, it will become louder as Virgo season wears on. I think your personal issues will reach resolutions during this season. Your emotions could be all over the places. Schedule joy into your day. Get out of hermit mode. Transform.
Sagittarius ♐️

Defense mode? You’re on high alert, are you afraid something is going to attack? Oh I see, could it be the conflict/competition surrounding you? Are people projecting onto you? I definitely see the need to take the crown and run. Slow down and tend to your roots.
Virgo season is going to make you think things through, as you’ll find rash decision making won’t be helpful. Meditate and contemplate on what’s working & what’s not working. Virgo season is shining a light on the things that don’t. Competition comes from shining brightly.
Capricorn ♑️

The world won’t wait up for you, so make the most of it. Don’t be disappointed with your progress. I sense themes or melancholy/disappointment this season. I think you need to channel the queen of pentacles energy. Your reality doesn’t have to be disappointing.
Nothing is set and stone, you can start rewriting the chapter today. You are one to never give up, and that will prove itself during Virgo season. Something is blocking this cycle from completing. Stay in the uncertainty a little longer; then make your choice.
Aquarius ♒️

Take the opportunities that are presented in front of you. You can shift reality to match your desires. This season will be all about what you want, and how you’re going to get it. I can tell you’re done waiting around. Everything is inter-connected.
You have a lot of ideas, spark the right one. Get creative with what you got. Be careful about being an emotional vampire. Things are going to come up that you will want to bottle up, don’t. This is your opportunity to dive into self-care. Your issues are coming to conclusions.
Pisces ♓️

Your energy feels kinda heavy for Virgo season. You could be having problems in your relationship, or you could be dealing with a break up. I also unfortunately feel like some relationships/friendships are going to end. Virgo season is clearing out your karmic cycles.
This is the part where you take the swords out of your chest. Tend to any wounds and breathe this one out. Avoid falling into a slump. Soon you’ll know exactly where you stand. Things won’t be confusing for long. Balance will be restored. Spend more effort on you.
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