Jimin made a donation of 100M won ($84K) to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation for scholarship.

His father visited the Jeollanamdo Office of Education with the message "Please use the money for the students in the region."

▫️ http://naver.me/xDYPa4DX 
The Office of Ed. plans to honor Jimin for his contribution to the development of education in the region by placing him on the 'Jeonnam Education Hall of Fame.'

Jimin has been consistently donating for the education of students in Busan, his hometown.

Suk Woong Jang, the director of Jeollanamdo Office of Education, shared "We will use this scholarship with care, so that BTS Jimin's positive influence will be relayed to our local students."
Jimin is so consistent. He really values education and giving back to schools, to the community, to the youth. And just like in the past, his good deeds are done privately and only made known by the recipients much later. Pride of his people. https://twitter.com/JiminGlobal/status/1129640059768979456?s=19
Previously, Jimin donated 100M KRW for various schools in Busan. https://twitter.com/JiminGlobal/status/1114185661299314690?s=20
He also replaced the desks and chairs in his alma mater, Busan High School of Arts. https://twitter.com/JiminGlobal/status/1226716823535513600?s=20
Jimin has done a lot of heartwarming deeds, including giving autographed CDs and uniforms for graduating students of his elementary school. https://twitter.com/JiminGlobal/status/1125721580917514241?s=20
The pride of his people. https://twitter.com/JiminGlobal/status/1141352107842211840?s=20
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