#NewWorldOrder/ #NWO is a 100+yr plan consisting of 100s of 1000s small steps. Steps so small, to go unnoticed by public, to enforce full control over population and Earth's resources.

#DepopulationAgenda #OneWorldGovernment #PopulationControl #ResourcesControl #Dominion
When grander picture comes into view, you instantly see a real life conspiracy. Two separate sources working on a plan to fit an agenda. Both speak of #NewWorldOrder.

Stones put into place by Silicone Valley wealth. Connection to elites'. Not 1, but all of them.
These sources work together, as they have an interwoven network of businesses, all around the world, soaking up money, around the clock regardless lost lives.

Want to vaccinate everyone on Earth? Yet, cannot be held accountable for injury or damage caused. What a sweet deal.
Always remember, you want to truly know what is going on, then #FollowTheMoney. It almost never fails.

IF it isn't done for personal reasons?
Then it is done for financial gain!

Either way, you still Follow The Money.
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