So to summarise and I don't want to do so yet, because I'm sure there will be more to add, but @PhilHoganEU has

📢 Denied travellers housing but sued people who said this may be racist
📢 Owned a greyhound with other FG heads that was then mistreated
📢 Attended hare coursing
📢 golfed in the Netherlands before returning to Ireland and did not quarantine fully
📢 Drove from Kilkenny to Kildare which was on lockdown
📢Got stopped in Kildare for driving and using a mobile phone but did not get the standard 3 points
📢 Drove on to a golf event in Clifden
📢 Blamed the hotel for not following guidelines
📢Basically told the government to F off and that they couldn't sack him
📢 Did not disclose to his party leader that he was in Kildare or stopped by the Gardai
📢Lied about quarantining
Oh and not a bad thing he's done, but his racehorse is called Sneaky Getaway #BlamePhil
Also not rule breaking or law breaking but dickhead stuff

📢Set up Irish water and threatened to turn the water to a trickle on those that didn't pay
📢Destroyed the county/city council's
📢 he doesn't like planning enquiries

📢 Was a fairly useless Minister for the Environment
He was the trade commissioner who defended the Mercosur deal and said that compromises had to be made, even though it will mean the displacement of several South American people's and huge environmental impacts, while threatening agriculture here.
📢 Why did he bring documents relating to ongoing trade negotiations to a hotel with a number of politicians and lobbyists?
📢 Voted against ban on cruel staghunting
📢 Ignored 500 messages about export of Irish animals to Libya where they are "beaten & stabbed"
📢 Claimed greyhound racing, in which 1000s of dogs are killed each year, "is 2nd to none in terms of animal welfare"
📢 thought a negative test meant he didn't have to self isolate, so
went playing golf in Adare Manor and did 2 days of golf in Galway, while claiming he was engaged in trade negotiation with the US. A negative test means nothing, you still need to isolate
📢 Then he tweeted about how he earlier rejected HSE advice, realised he was going to get piled on, dirty deleted and then tweeted this, that people can't reply to instead. Way to interact with the people who elected you initially @PhilHoganEU
📢 and he can't even tag the right people on Twitter, despite some people claiming he is our only hope for #Brexit negotiation
📢 Oh and he lied AGAIN
Many thanks to everybody who contributed to this thread and for those that are keen to hold all of these people accountable.
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