I’m watching Avatar the Last Air Bender for the first time. Why can’t the earth benders bend metal when it comes from the earth?? Ion like that. Seems unfair.
Like why can the fire benders bend lightening but the earth bender can’t bend metal??? It’s not fair. Earthbenders got cheated.
I have so many questions about the atla universe and how bending works but I don’t want to spoil myself by looking it up.
Like why is Toph weaker on sand??? Sand is earth? There’s no real difference between dirt and sand. She should be stronger in the desert. It’s all earth and very little of the other elements.
In this episode I’m watching Katara is cutting metal with water! But Toph can’t sand bend wtf bro. Earth Benders got shorted.
AZULA AND THE UNCLE CAN BEND LIGHTENING!!! But Toph can see without solid earth and gets physically weak in the desert which is all earth.
Wait wait wait. Aang just said he wished he was a metal bender. Is metal bending different than earth bending? I thought everything was under the four elements?
I also want to know if bending is random hereditary or if anyone can learn
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