Things that Aaron Coleman did that weren’t when he was twelve — a thread.

#1 He ran for Democratic committeeman while trashing Democrats and saying he probably won’t even vote Democrat.
#2 He decided to run for state representative using women’s personal stories he had no right to tell.
#3 He was disrespectful to Kansas organizers.
#4 ALL of his posts were plagiarized from other Dem candidates.
#4 pt. 2
And yes, he was a terrible human at fourteen (this is the actual age he used in his “apology”) — but he still is terrible.

14 —> 19
MULTIPLE women have come forward with horror stories and they see when y’all are online defending him.
Thank you to the Kansas Young Democrats for being one of the only organizations to call him out before the primary,
Here’s my tweet from election night.

People in the area knew he was bad, but the leaders did nothing to stop him.

Aaron won by a higher margin with absentee ballots and a recount, but please remember every vote counts.
And no, he hasn’t changed. This is from Aaron Coleman’s most recent girlfriend:
Even this twitter post is plagiarized.
Aaron Coleman smacked his girlfriend and she posted screenshots of him admitting it:
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