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Why Thalaivar @rajinikanth is a Evergreen PHENOM ✅ ?

Came as Supporting Actor in #ApoorvaRaagangal in 1975 with no Film Background 🙌. Acted with then Big Star #Kamal. Was a Dark Skinned , Average Looking Person who was not Fluent in Speaking Tamil .
Being a No Background Actor & not much Financial support 👎 he was Having hard times initial stages . His #Guru K.Balachander Sir used Unique Charismatic Style 👌 in Bringing different Dynamism in Villainism in Kollywood . It’s a Villain @rajinikanth even General audience enjoy.
The Villain Unique Gimmick 💥in Style be it a cigarette 🚬 Flipping , Action sequence etc were all Unique . From Pure Villain Became a 1 st time hero as accident #Bhairavi .Many Producers , Movie Buffs Warned #Kalaignanam Sir for casting a DARK skinned hero . He Proved them wrong
The Unique Dialoge Delivery , Stylish action Block Mannerism 🔥 made the Film a Big hit . The People who Doubted him all stunned . Even the Producers who Looked for an Alternative ACTION HERO to #MGR got their Call sheets booked . 1978 Given the Title “Super Star “🌟on Banners .
In a Span years of 1977-1978 acted in Record of 37 Movies working Day & Night 👏 Tirelessly both Supporting Roles as Villain & Anti-Hero supporting roles . He came with no Background in the toughest Eras to establish himself . His Gimmicks in Style were doubted but In Theatres 🔥
1978 #MullumMalarum ❤️ the Cult Classic from #Mahendran Sir changed the view of @rajinikanth among people as a Talented actor 🙌 Even the General Family audience & Ladies support doubled for him after this . The Rugged , Tough yet Lovable Brother-Sister bond was Nailed by him !
After acting as a Co-Star to #Kamal in Numerous movies & doing many side roles in various Languages . @rajinikanth was a established Young Bankable hero for Producers with 4 Yrs ! Then started the Bond Record 25 Films ( Director-Actor) Duo with #SPMuthuraman . ✅
Having acted 50 Films in a Span of just 4 Yrs ✅ He establishes as a SOLO Mass 🔥 Hero whose Fanbase took a Leap with #MurattuKaalai & #Billa . Both Urban & Rural audience enjoyed @rajinikanth . 1st SOLO Hero INDUSTRY HIT ⭐️ in #MurattuKaalai .The Youth Fans increased so much .
1980s The New #Rajini Vs #Kamal Era Began . he didn’t just Limit himself to just a Action Hero showed his Versitality👌as a Actor . Both ROMANTIC ❤️ as well as COMEDY🤣Genre in #ThilluMullu & #Jhonny.TN People’s Favorite Entertainer in each & every Movie he does Turned Big HITs
In the Early 80s The Begining of the @rajinikanth Era 💥Acting Versitality & Stylish roles , Complex Dual & Triple Role subjects within 7 Yrs of Career . #Netrikkan Father role is even Talked today so the #MoodruMugam Alex Pandian which was Pioneer of all Stylish Kollywood Cops
He Kept on Shifting Genres & started doing some Remakes in his Own style 👌 ! Back to Back hits with #SpMuthuraman direction . All were by then 100 Days Runs . The difference between @rajinikanth & other Hero’s was his Consistency in Delivering Hits & Producers Bankable actor .
Guess what within 10 Yrs of his Career He acted in his 100 th Movie ✅ #SriRagavendra depicting the his Life. Gave Industry Hits in #Padikkathavan along with Legendry actor Sivaji sir. On Parellel he also kept on acting in other Languages as Relaxation from Lead Roles in Tamil .
In Late 80s the Domination Level started from other contemporaries ! #Manithan a Movie which Clash with High critic Rated #Naaygan appeared as Clash winner . #RajadhiRaaja earned a Record of 1.2 Cr in Day 1 (All India Record)🔥Both were INDUSTRY Hits due to his Family Stardom
Till Then a Big Star Turned into a South Indian Icon with ever Cult Class ❤️ #Thalapathy .The Hype Level for each of his Movies were beyond imagination for other stars . The Brand @rajinikanth Popularity down south tripled .His acting skills were Praised Unamanimously even today
Post Continuous Silver Jubilee 🌟 Hits then came #Annaamalai. Despite no Poster Promotions & Politicsl degrading !This Movie Re-Defined PEAK Stardom of @rajinikanth 🔥 among People .Ran a Big Industry hit in Every nook & Corner of TN. Iconic SUPER STAR 💫 Title Card Begining !
Later was a Topping to his Stardom .Rural Entertainers like #Ejamaan & #Veera all were Silver Jubilees . #Veera was done as a Master Plan ✅ to reduce the Hype of his Next movie with Suresh Krishna . The Highest paid actor since 1992 . Can #Annamalai Rage be beaten was Doubted !
Then Came #Baasha 🔥 the Mother & Pioneer of all Mass Commercial Movies.The Movie which made the Brand @rajinikanth Undisputed Baadsha & ICON ✅of South Indian Cinema! The CULT Fan Following & Stardom was in Level never seen before in Indian Cinema History. #SuperOne Till Today
1995 after attaining Status of Undisputed Numero UNO 🔥 Star & No 1 in India then came Commercial Entertainer #Muthu with #KSRavikumar
The Movie which attained a International Stardom & Cult Following in Japan 🇯🇵. Even Today it’s a Prime time Telecast Entertainers in Channels .
1999 Witnessed the Biggest Hit of the Centuary🔥 in all 4 Southern States . Broke all Existing Records for a Kollywood Star .Thalaivar @rajinikanth expanded the Overseas Market ✅ of Indian Cinema . Grossing over 60 Cr + (400 Cr +subjected to inflation) Cult mass Film #Annaatthe
After Taking a Big Break for 3 Yrs He came to Acting with #Baba .This Film witnessed a Hype🔥of the Decade all over the World . Took a Humoungous opening & Celebrations were Peak. Despite collecting 50Cr was termed Flop to his Standards . Today it’s a Cult & Favorite ❤️ for fans
2005 Another Big Comeback 🙌 to Career with Biggest entertainer #Chandramuki. 1st 75 Cr Grosser of K’wood & Ran Unbroken Record of 804 Days in Chennai. It’s a trendsetter ✅ for Horror-Comedy films in Tamil. Revived Overseas market of Kollywood industry.TRP Records for Telecasts!
2007 #SivajiTheBoss ❤️ Marked 1st Time Combo of (Rajini+Shankar)after missing many. The Movie Ran Record no of Screens in all States in India & Overseas ✅ .Was 1st 100 Cr + Grosser for an Indian Film .Thalaivar @rajinikanth expanded his North Indian Market with this Entertainer
2010 #Endhiran showed The World the Biggest Fan Base ✅ Hero ever at the age of 60 Yrs .1st 300 Cr Grosser even the Records are Unbroken today.1st 150 Cr + Budget Movie in India 🇮🇳. Hype of the Decade WW.Record Collections Unbroken for a Indian Movie in all States & Sci-Fi Genre!
2014 Post Health Concerns 🙏 Came Back after 4 Yrs with #Lingaa on Screen .Had a Trensetting 1.00 Am show Premier in India .Big Openings World wide. Though Grossed 188 Cr which is Gross for other Hero’s Career Best hit Movie was Flop for his Standards.People doubted him ?? 😉
2016 #Kabali Witnessed the The Hype 🔥 of the BRAND @rajinikanth Record breaking Opening all over the World & Overseas stupendous .Teaser✅was a Trendsetter for You tube Records like. Grossed 380Cr + Industry Hit Unbroken for other Kollywood hero’s .Was a Class ❤️Film for him .
2018 #2Point0 Came the Highest Budget Indian Sci-fi 3D ✅ Film with all Advanced Technology.This was 14 th Industry Hit of Thalaivar @rajinikanth 🔥 with Grossing over 800 Cr +.All existing Records were Broken in Kerala,Andra for a K’wood Film.100 Cr satellite Rights Record also
2019 & 2020 Gave the Comeback of Vintage 🔥 @rajinikanth Style & Charisma with #Petta & #Darbar. Both Were Massive Hits & Profit to the Producers . #Petta emerged has Biggest Hit 🙌 for a TIER-1 Clash Film & #Darbar is the Top Grossed Film in 2020 grossing over 300 Cr + Stardom🌟
2021 The Man Himself SUPER Star🌟 @rajinikanth 1975-2021 at the age of 70 Yrs ✅is in with Most expected Rural Entertainer after Long time #Annaatthe 🔥Despite Covid shoot Halted this Movie Expectations have Doubled post the Motion Poster by @sunpictures
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