things i noticed when i started recovery
i know this sounds cliche but it’s actually the most important thing: i was happy. yes i felt guilty often, but when you’re in recovery that doesnt matter, overall your mood is better, you actually enjoy life
i felt free. not trying to chose the lowest calorie option on the menu, getting what i want, enjoying it and not thinking too much
my mood was overall better, i wasn’t getting angry about tiniest things, my anxiety got so much better. i wasn’t overthinking every situation, it was peaceful
my relationship with my family and friends improved so much, when they noticed that i was at least trying to get better, they became more understanding & supportive. i wasnt saying no to everything they offer and i was having a good time without stress
i actually liked my body more than i did at my lw? i know this sounds stupid but at my lw i always wanted more, i was never satisfied. but when i started rewiring my brain, i thought “maybe my recovery body isnt bad at all”
my grades got better. i could concentrate and actually understand what i was reading. i wasn’t thinking about food during lessons, i was paying attention.
my passions came back. in the deep of my ed i thought my only personality trait was not eating. but that wasnt true. i discovered my hobbies, likes, interests, because i had energy to do things.
i became a better listener. when im restricting i cant focus on what others say & always think about food. but in recovery it felt nice to actually join conversations and not feel left out, i felt like i became a part of the world again.
at the end of the day, recovery is worth it, no matter what you think. it’s hard, but possible. im not in recovery atm but i will always love to encourage people to recover, you are strong and you can do this!
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