#BengaluruRiots was Planned by SDPI and Peaceful mob for revenge.
Live facts from A.C.P of Bangalore.

"25 Police fought 1000 Roiters for 7 hours in 4 Different Places"??

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Real experience and on ground facts.
On August 11 around 5.30 P.m , The Accused Naveen posted a degrading post in reply to a Acquitance bad post about Hindu gods, but this reply was made viral by his own Muslim friends and brotherhood of secular colony with "screenshots". As he deleted the post by 5.45 P.m .
Mujamil Pasha came with screenshot to the police station to file a FIR at 6:15-6:30 P.m along with 100-200 people. But by then police had reached naveen house and took him into custody . They had a hunch something is wrong , so they his Naveen in a safe house far from rioters.
People had already started throwing stones at Naveens house , but by the time 8:20 P.m even MLA Akanda Srinivas house was also attacked by mobsters.The people who were in 100-200 numbers were in 2000-3000 numbers within 9.30 P.m.
As per Sharanappa, D.C.P of bangalore East, there was call to him about problem in taking complaint about the post at around 6 P.m . Meanwhile somewhere else Facebook friends of Naveen were circulating the screenshot and making it viral.
At round 9.30 P.M so called Muslim Leader Zameer Ahmed appears on the riots place , trying to console roiters but doesn't stop them throwing stones at police station ,till now roiters are outside. BUT the police force, home gaurd, fire fighters convey message to commissioner.
But after 9.30 , the mob gets infuriated and jumps the police station walls and trying to enter the police station ,but police by then had closed all the access . KSRP , HOME GAURDS and police try using loudspeaker to convince them but roiters,and call extra force.
The mob had blocked all roads to DJ HALLI police station ,Now the ONLY 25 police men inside the station had to fight against 2000 roiters outside. It was life & death situation for police at around 10P.m . They had burned 60+ vehicles outside along with ACP car and POLICE VAN.
Till around 12 'o clock , Police were trying to Puch back roiters with lathi along with new force arrived. But the roiters were continuously throwing stones and buring vehicles..
The situation was getting out of control for new arrival of police too.
They started burning police station and this was the limit the police started firing in the air & fired 20-30 rounds had no effect then Police started firing at mob and two died.Then whole mob started running & the whole area became pin drop silent at 12:40 A.m only fire left.
Source :- Tv9 News and Suvarna News
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