THREAD: The Conservative Party of Canada is choosing a new leader tonight. Here’s where the candidates stand on #LGBTQ2 issues. #cdnpoli #cpcldr
1/ Peter MacKay: He came into the leadership promising to march in Pride, back when the #cpcldr convention was still slated the same week as Toronto’s Pride parade. It was a direct shot at outgoing leader Andrew Scheer, who refused to march.
2/ Erin O’Toole: Like MacKay, O’Toole also agreed to march in Toronto Pride as #cpcldr—but only if police were allowed to march, too.
He too publicly slammed Décarie on his assertion that being gay is a choice, noting, “The Conservative Party of Canada is open to ALL Canadians. Our membership made it clear when we voted to recognize same-sex marriage.”
O’Toole also voted in favour of Bill C-279, in 2012, tabled by the NDP to protect trans folks when discriminated against on the basis of gender identity. The bill eventually died.

The Liberals passed a similar bill, C-16, in 2017. But O’Toole abstained from the vote on that.
3/ Leslyn Lewis: The first woman of colour up for the job, she came out of the gate eschewing the importance of social conservatism in the CPC.
She did, however, condemn Décarie comments that being gay is a choice.
Lewis also doesn’t support a ban on conversion therapy in Canada. (That’s especially interesting given that the bill to federally ban the practice just died when Trudeau prorogued government.)
4/ Derek Sloan: Sloan, like Lewis, is a social conservative. He too has stated he would not march in a Pride parade.
Sloan also said he disagreed with Décarie’s belief that being gay is a choice, “But this is a complicated issue & I am not a scientist,” he wrote. (After being thrown out of the race, Décarie endorsed Sloan.)
Sloan says that, had he been an MP during the vote, he would not have supported Bill C-16, which protects trans folks from discrimination on the basis of gender identity.
Please let me know if I missed anything! I will add to this thread and update if need be.
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